Matter of time

The Stranger had swapped Rudy into his son’s body, and then connected his wife’s desires to Rudy’s. Whenever Rudy’s teenage body got horny — which was often — his wife would get horny as well. Their intensity grew together so that the longer Rudy held off the more he needed a release.
Rudy’s wife was in the kitchen, bent over the sink doing the dishes. Her big round butt was arched out behind her. Rudy couldn’t help himself. He tore off his clothes and approached her, from behind, eyes glued on her wonderfully curvy figure.
He could tell by her body language that she was getting hornier as well. Rudy was at full mast and lifted up her dress, running his hands along her jiggly ass.
His wife raised her leg onto the counter, revealing her glistening pussy. Rudy gripped her hips and shoved his new young cock deep into her opening. Her mouth dropped open and she uttered a strangled gasp, freezing with a cup in her hand as pleasure engulfed her.
Rudy slid in and out of her pussy, driving deep, his groin thumping up against her plump ass. His youthful exuberance and energy kept him going for a long time. He gritted his teeth and pumped into her as she moaned and writhed, impaled on her stepson’s cock. She hated herself for loving it so much, for moaning and thrusting back with a desperate need to be filled.
Finally, Rudy slid deep inside her and came, emptying himself into her, each throb of warm seed making them both groan.
It would only be a matter of time before Rudy grew horny again, and went to seek out his wife wherever she was.

Sam and his family use long-range body swapping technology to temporarily switch bodies with another family across the country in order to cheer up their son while having some sexy taboo fun in Keep It in the Family, only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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