Over her head

Request: A hip new trend for making money on the side has been becoming more popular since the invention of body possession technology, body renting. After flipping through the app of men and women renting their bodies for the weekend a user can pay an upfront safety deposit and pay an hourly fee to possess a body.
Sabrina is one such girl, she doesn’t need to money, but she gets off on letting other people control her body. She always leaves the “Aware” option turned on so she can experience her body being controlled by someone else. But she bites off a little more than she can chew when a billionaire and his friends rents out her body to his sex crazed mistress and just keeps paying the rental fee for months.

Since body possession technology went mainstream, renting out one’s body became a lucrative side gig. For a safety deposit and an hourly fee, anyone could possess any user who signed up to bodypossession.com.
For Sabrina, she didn’t need the money but just enjoyed being aware as others possessed her. She was a popular choice and she knew her market. People would pay good money to become a hot blonde with big fake tits. Sabrina got to enjoy a variety of relationships vicariously, as women possessed her for a gift to their boyfriends, and men possessed her for a chance to check out her rack unimpeded.
Everything worked out well until a billionaire rented out Sabrina’s body for his sex-crazed mistress. At first it was fine. The usual. The billionaire would fuck her everywhere. Sabrina enjoyed the feel of his cock inside her while the woman inside moaned and touched herself. Funny how the same body could be more or less sensitive depending on the mind inside.
But the hours turned to days and then to weeks. Every morning Sabrina would wake, thinking she had her body back, only for the mistress to climb on top of her billionaire boyfriend and enjoy a quick morning lay.
Money meant nothing to the billionaire and they kept Sabrina’s body for months. The mistress enjoyed shopping and meeting up with her friends and showing off her new body. Sabrina was stuck inside, experiencing it all but unable to protest.
Eventually the billionaire tired of his mistress’s neediness and they broke up. But he needed to keep her quiet. Sabrina was horrified when, he agreed to pay the rental fee on Sabrina’s body for the next twenty years. By the time she got her body back she would have plenty of money, but most of her life would be over.

Sam and his family use long-range body swapping technology to temporarily switch bodies with another family across the country in order to cheer up their son while having some sexy taboo fun in Keep It in the Family, only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. Woah… prisoner in her own body… I wonder what she did with the money. Maybe spend it on a younger host to get some of her life back? Be in control for

  2. Woah… prisoner in her own body… I wonder what she did with the money. Maybe spend it on a younger host to get some of her life back? Be in control for once?

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