I wish I could

Request: I would like to request a cap where a guy wishes he could sleep with his gf’s milf mom, then there is a mother/daughter swap.

“Oh, fuck that feels so good,” Layla moaned as her boyfriend slid inside her mom’s wet pussy.
It was the first time they’d had sex since the day a week ago that Layla had woken up in her mom’s body. The two of them had lost it, thinking they were going crazy. Layla’s boyfriend, Kyle, was incredibly understanding. He believed Layla and comforted her, assuring her he was still in love with her even though she was now inside her mom.
What Layla didn’t know was that the body swap had been all Kyle’s doing. He hadn’t meant to swap their bodies when he’d said to the genie, “I wish I could have sex with my girlfriend’s mom.” But genies are tricky.
It took some convincing to get Layla comfortable enough with her body to reveal it to Kyle. He encouraged her and told her she was beautiful and built up her confidence. When she finally did take off her top and reveal her mom’s impressively huge tits, Kyle’s cock leaped to attention.
He gripped her hips and slid into her from behind. Layla arched her back as her boyfriend filled her new body for the first time. Her mom’s tits bounced on her chest with each thrust and her moans quickly grew. Her mom’s body was so responsive, got so wet, was so ready to cum. She quivered around her boyfriend’s cock as he plunged deep inside her, filling her with his cum. The sweet slap of her boyfriend’s ass on her mom’s plump rear was loud as Kyle grunted and came.
Maybe, Layla thought, having her mom’s body wouldn’t be so bad. At least she still had her loving and supportive boyfriend.

Sam and his family use long-range body swapping technology to temporarily switch bodies with another family across the country in order to cheer up their son while having some sexy taboo fun in Keep It in the Family, only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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