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I ran a poll two weeks ago on your favorite types of captions and, no surprise given the name of this site, Body Swaps were the overwhelming favorite at 50%. Possessions were next at 29% followed by Transformations at 14%, Mind Cloning at 5% and Crossdressing at 1%. In the comments a number of people mentioned Body Part Swaps, which I neglected to put on the poll.

I also asked for examples of caps you like and you delivered! I found a ton of new caps thanks to your comments and got a wide range of your preferences. Evil swaps/thefts, voluntary swaps, swaps where the new owners went wild in their bodies, and multi-body swaps where one person is controlling multiple people simultaneously. I’ll definitely be exploring some of those themes and reading through your cap suggestions for inspiration in the coming months.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I did post a request on your request section. No idea if it got lost or it didnt send properly?
    Was an idea about a body swap game show where the contestants didn’t read what the show involved.

    1. Yes, I’ve received it, thanks! I receive so many requests I can’t possibly do them all so I pick and choose based on how I feel when I’m ready to write.

  2. Thanks for putting this out there! Always fun to see what people are interested in, definitely found a few more blogs I wasn’t aware of before this.

    I didn’t see the previous post, but I’d love to see more Animal body swap captions, especially ones where the animal-turned-human takes full advantage of their new form. Your novella, “In the Doghouse,” was one of the first stories I read with the concept and inspired me (in part, there are lots of good writers!) to start writing TG/TF stories myself! 🙂

      1. Not really, but I am very interested in building out a short game sometime (like the ones seen on TF game site).

        Basically a really basic puzzle platformer (or top-down game) with body swap themes and some short “tg caption” style text and endings.

        Been kicking around the idea for a while, but have been focused on other (non-erotica) game projects and just general life stuff haha.

        1. Interesting! Game design is beyond me. I dabbled with doing the choose your own adventure type text/image game but it’s a TON of work and I just don’t have the time.

          1. Hahah yep! I’ve been slowly building skills with a bunch of small indie games over the last couple years. They are wayyy more work than you might expect initially.

            I think when I finish up the android port of my current game project I’ll focus on getting a basic TG/TF game working.

            Will definitely post updates as they come to my blog if you’re interested – though it might be a few months! lol

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