Crush (MtF Possession)

A poorly worded wish sees two college guys switched into their female crushes and having to live their lives in Crush, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

Shane and Phil are two friends who like to roleplay that they’re possessing their cute crushes, Jenna and Veronica. It’s just a fantasy until the day they find a genie and a poorly thought out wish sees their fantasy come true.

Now Shane and Phil are stuck as Jenna and Veronica, forced to live the two women’s lives but without the women’s memories. They have to navigate their new college identities while learning all about their feminine bodies. There’s plenty of sensual pleasure to be had as the two sexy best friends adjust and begin living out all their fantasies in real life.

“Hurry up, Shane,” Phil said impatiently.

Phil sat on Shane’s bed, his arms crossed, as Shane rummaged through his chest of drawers for a decent shirt. They were in Shane’s dorm room, a small room of whitewashed cinderblock walls with a window that looked out on to the walkway. His gaming setup took up most of the university-supplied desk. Two monitors attached to a liquid-cooled GPU. It had taken most of his summer savings to afford. He used it almost as much for gaming as he did for role playing with Phil, who had a similar setup in his own dorm room.

“Everything I have is dirty,” Shane moaned, sniffing another shirt before tossing it on the floor.

“Nobody’s going to smell you anyway,” Phil replied. “We’ll all be crammed in and half-drunk.”

“Yeah, but I want to look good on the walk there.”

Phil bit his tongue. He suspected his friend knew that a clean shirt wouldn’t make Jenna fall in love with him, but hope springs eternal. If all it took was a clean shirt, Phil would have hooked up with his friend, Veronica, long ago. As it was, both guys were left crushing on women that only saw them as friends, at best.

Phil had been smitten by Veronica from the moment he met her during their freshman orientation several months ago. He’d managed to get into the same group as her and her friend, Jenna, when they got divided up for some getting-to-know-you exercises. Veronica was pretty and smart and laughed at all Phil’s corny jokes, returning them with the same nerdy humor. As an aspiring architect and cosplayer she was arty and had a cute kind of flightiness about her. Phil had never asked her out and over time he slipped into the friend zone. They now knew each other well enough and were comfortable around each other that asking her out would have broken that delicate balance and made things weird when she invariably rejected him.

Phil had met Shane in his first history lecture. Shane was a heavyset guy with a mop of dark hair and a ruddy face. He muttered hilarious comments under his breath during that first lecture that left Phil gasping for air as the lecturer shot them dirty looks. They quickly became fast friends.

“Okay, got it,” Shane said, slipping into a collared shirt with blue and white stripes.

“Great, let’s go. We’re gonna be late,” Phil said, hustling Shane out the door.

The two hurried down stairs and over to Jenna and Veronica’s dorm room. Phil was skinnier and lighter than his friend and had to force himself to slow down so Shane could keep up.

“What’s the band, anyway?” Shane asked.

“Uh,” Phil said, scrolling through his phone to find the tickets. “Binary Tomorrow. They’re some sort of electronica-thing I think.”

Phil had no idea what they were in for. He only knew that Veronica liked them and had invited her out to see them.

“That would be awesome,” she agreed. “I’ll bring Jenna.”

It was a clever move to ensure that it was absolutely not a date. In return, Phil invited Shane and had to keep reminding him that this double date was absolutely not a double date.

“But if there is kissing involved,” Shane said when Vince told him the plan, “I’m not going to turn it down.”

“There won’t be,” Phil assured him.

Jenna and Veronica shared a room in an all-girls dorm, so the guys weren’t allowed in without a chaperone. Instead, they buzzed the girls from the intercom downstairs. A few minutes later, Veronica and Jenna waltzed out of the door and greeted Phil with a big—chaste—hug. Veronica smelled like sweet cherries as her bleached blonde hair wafted across Phil’s face and her lithe body pressed briefly against his. She wore tiny jean shorts, which were artfully ripped, along with a black tee beneath a button-down white shirt. A big grey scarf was draped around her neck. Her outfits were always some odd combination of styles that seemed to work. No wonder, because she was also big into online cosplay, and her dorm room was littered with the remnants of old costumes.

“Hey,” Phil said, pulling away reluctantly. “You remember Shane, right?” Phil introduced them as if they didn’t know each other. As if he and Shane hadn’t spent hours roleplaying as one or the other of the women in their online possession fantasies.

In real life, Shane had only met them less than a handful of times. But online, he and Phil had had acted out their fantasies of possessing the women in their online forums. Sometimes Phil would pretend he inserted his mind into Veronica’s body, possessing her and making her touch herself while Shane egged him on or even participated. Then Phil would return the favor as Shane typed out becoming Jenna and threw herself at Phil. Both of them had become adept at one-handed typing.

They’d discovered their mutual fetishes quite by accident, when Shane had let a line slip in real life that reminded Phil of something he’d read in his possession forums. He’d surreptitiously responded with a line of his own and watched Shane’s eyes light up with interest. It was reassuring to find someone else in real life who shared in Phil’s fantasy of becoming a woman. It meant he wasn’t alone. That he wasn’t abnormal. It also meant that he always had someone who would happily roleplay.

“Of course. Hey, Shane,” Veronica said, pushing her glasses back up her tiny nose.

“Hi,” Jenna added, giving a cute wave.

Jenna’s long, dark hair fell down her shoulders and she occasionally and effortlessly swept it back out of her face. She’d prepared for the evening by dressing in a simple dark purple cami top and tight white pants. The cami top clung lightly to her bust, giving just a hint of her modest cleavage.

“Let’s go. Wooo!” Veronica cheered, hooking her arm through Phil’s and skipping down the street, forcing Phil to skip with her to keep up.

It was these little gestures that always threw Phil. It was just how Veronica was, very touchy-feely and friendly with everyone in a purely innocent way. But because Phil was smitten with her he over-analyzed her every gesture, his thoughts dwelling on whether her touch really was just being friendly or whether there was something more there. Shane and Jenna followed along behind them, Shane doing his best to make Jenna laugh. He had a sarcastic sense of humor and Jenna giggled politely but without much enthusiasm. Eventually she called out to Veronica and ran to catch up.

Phil fell back in step with Shane and they followed the two women up to the main street and around to the small bar that served as a concert venue for the more indie bands. Phil felt severely out of place in his khaki pants and button-down shirt amidst the fashionably-ripped jeans and obscure band shirts of the rest of the crowd.

“You guys want some drinks?” Phil asked the group. “I can get anything,” he added, flashing them his fake ID.

Veronica’s eyes lit up. “Ooh, really?”

“Yeah, my cousin hooked me up,” Phil said, basking in Veronica’s smile.

The others gave him their orders and Phil got in line at the bar, returning a few minutes later with an armful of beers. Jenna and Shane were in a deep conversation about the unfairness of the drinking age. Shane had finally cottoned on to Jenna’s liberal activism and was leaning hard on being an ally.

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