What are you doing?

“Keep sucking my cock, mom,” Adrian moaned.
Layla wrapped her lips back around her “son’s” delicious cock. The salty tang of his precum landed on her tongue while she steadied herself on her knees. This new body was so much tighter and sexier than her old body had been. It had been ages since her pussy had been this wet, ever since sometime before menopause.
Adrian and Layla were an old married couple. They were both approaching seventy years old when they found a genie and wished that they could become young again.
“Done!” The genie thundered.
Layla suddenly found herself in the body of the single mom that lived next door, while Adrian ended up in the son’s body. The genie appeared and laughed at the two of them as they stood in the living room, gaping at their new bodies.
“Mwa ha ha. You never specified that you wanted to remain in your own bodies. Now you are stuck as mother and son.”
The genie thought that would be torment to them, but he was wrong.
“What are you doing?” The genie growled as they began kissing and touching each other.
“What’s it look like?” Adrian asked. “I’m going to fuck my mom.”
The genie left as Layla lay back and spread herself. He was enraged that his plan to trick them had backfired. The two loved their new bodies. They were young and sexy again. Adrian got to get his “mother” to suck his cock and Layla got to feel her “son’s” dick in her creamy wet canal.
It was the genie’s first loss in over two thousand years.
The two enjoyed their bodies so much that they got married, much to the disgust of the real mom and son who were now stuck in their old bodies.

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  1. That is 10th ° relationship to 4th° relationship.
    Mother and Son are to closely relate for Marriage, and Sex.
    The laws don’t say anything about 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️. I will think that you have 4 victims of the a Genie.

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