Worn out

Request: Heyo Bruv. My birthday is on Oct 25. I’ve been your fan for like 5 years now. May i get a super kinky Indian Swap as a Birthday gift??? Involve my sexy college mate Nancy. Love you 3000 and Happy Diwali and Love from India bruv

Ari leaned back against the warm concrete block on the balcony and brushed Nancy’s black hair out of his eyes. He hoped that last orgasm hadn’t been too loud. He quaked again with the aftershock of the orgasm. God, Nancy’s pussy was so much fun to play with. If only her family wasn’t always around.
Ari had swapped bodies with Nancy right before she was to return home from university for the holidays. Ari had pretended to be her as he traveled and waited for her family to pick him up. They brought him back to their apartment where Ari struggled to fake being Nancy, even though he could barely remember her family’s names.
The whole time he’d been so tempted by Nancy’s hot body that he now owned but hadn’t had any opportunity to explore. Nancy shared a bedroom with her sister, so doing anything there was out of the question.
At last, Ari found that no one ever used the balcony because it was so small, and he could duck around the side and beneath the bedroom window where no one could see him.
He knew it was dangerous but he couldn’t resist stripping off all his clothes and running Nancy’s hands all over her body, from her gorgeous perfect tits down to the strip of hair that lined her beautiful pussy. And when he slipped his fingers inside his wet warmth for the first time – heaven!
He’d stuck his fingers in his mouth to stifle his moans as he fingered Nancy’s tight pussy to his first, second and third orgasm, before finally leaning back, worn out.
He could already hear her family looking for him. He needed to get dressed and get back in there.
But Nancy’s naked body was so fun.

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  1. A Big Thank you bruv ❤️. You made my day, funny enough most of the first Indian ones you did were my requests ( couple of years ago) and thanks for the best birthday gift 🎁.

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