Little thrill 2

Hannah was so comfortable around her boyfriend she didn’t even realize she was flirting with him, despite being inside her mom’s body. Hannah would laugh and fling her hair back and touch her boyfriend’s arm as her mom shot her icy looks. But her mom couldn’t really say anything. Instead, she flirted even harder with Hannah’s boyfriend. The two women were giggling and touching Hannah’s boyfriend and driving him crazy competing for his attention.
Hannah tossed out the offer as a blowjob, meaning it as a joke but realizing even as she said it that it was too far. Her boyfriend wouldn’t be interested in a blowjob from her mom. But Hannah’s mom took it as a competition and before Hannah knew it the three of them were in her mom’s bedroom wrestling over her boyfriend’s cock.
Her mom had experience, and expertly took him into her mouth, moaning as she dragged her tongue up and down his shaft. Hannah had to fight for her turn, gripping her boyfriend’s dick between her mom’s fingers and licking up and down.
Her mom joined in and they sucked his dick together, tongues gliding up and down his shaft. Sometimes Hannah would meet her own lips and tongue, tasting her former body. Her mom was so good at blowjobs and Hannah tried to follow her. They fought to suck his cock and Hannah had it in her hands when he came. They both hurried to aim it at their faces, spilling hot cum down their swapped cheeks and lips and tongues.
When they were done, Hannah’s mom shook her head at Hannah. The family had always been compettive. What did her mom expect when she started flirting?

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