Little thrill

Dammit, mom, what are you doing? thought Hannah as she peered around the corner.
A Freaky Friday-like wish had caused the two to swap bodies. It was bad enough that Hannah had to stay home and do bullshit housework all day while her mom went to school. Who knows how she acted around Hannah’s friends? God, Hannah hoped she hadn’t done anything truly embarrassing.
And now her mom was in the kitchen making out with Hannah’s boyfriend! And…was she touching his dick?!
Hannah came around the corner, letting her high heels loudly click on the wooden floor. Her mom and her boyfriend pulled away guiltily.
“Hi…mom,” Hannah’s mom said, her eyes widened as she stared at her daughter and the outfit she’d chosen.
Hannah had to suppress her smile. Her mom’s wardrobe was so boring, but deep in a drawer she’d found this wonderful tight skirt, and had squeezed into one of her own body’s tops. Besides, her mom couldn’t really say anything, not with the cutoff jean shorts and barely-there polka dot top that she was wearing.
“Hi, Mrs. Miller,” Hannah’s boyfriend said.
Hannah twirled a lock of golden hair around one finger and smiled back at her boyfriend.
“So, what are you two up to?” Hannah said with a smile.
“Nothing,” he mom replied, guiltily.
Hannah noticed that her boyfriend kept looking at her, and got a perverse little thrill that he still found her attractive even though she wasn’t herself. Maybe deep down he knew?

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