Rob was thankful that Mrs. Garcia was absent on the day of the Great Shift. Otherwise he might have found himself in her plump, wrinkled body rather than in the body of the young substitute named Carmen. Rob’s friend, Steve, ended up swapping bodies with a well-endowed student named Lindsay.
During the chaos shortly after the Great Shift, the class had emptied out but Rob and Steve had remained behind. Rob locked the door while Steve closed the blinds. They each knew what the other had in mind.
They came together in the center of the classroom on the desk. They ripped each other’s clothes off before Rob kissed his way up and down Steve’s plump young tits. Steve threw his head back and sighed as Rob’s tender kisses sent burning desire shivering through him.
The sight of the young substitute sucking on Lindsay’s tits made him wet and horny, filling his body with an aching restlessness. As Rob kissed his way down his friend’s body, the ache only grew, until Rob slipped the substitute teacher’s face between Steve’s elegant legs and his tongue found Steve’s clit.
Steve climaxed around his friend, his own hand coming up to tease his new tits, Lindsay’s soft cries filling the room.
When Rob came back up he was wet and ready. As Steve knelt between Rob’s legs and Rob grabbed his perky breasts, he gave more thanks to his teacher’s absence.

A man swaps bodies with his friend’s busty assistant to enjoy her incredible body in A Better Bethany, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or Bodyswapstories. Preview here.


  1. Heyo Bruv ❤️. My birthday is on Oct 25. I’ve been your fan for like 5 years now. May i get a super kinky Indian Swap as a Birthday gift??? Involve my sexy college mate Nancy. Love you 3000 and Happy Diwali and Love from India bruv

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