Want to go for a ride?

“Do you want to go for a ride?” Blake asked, looking over his shoulder and gently swiping Erica’s dress aside to reveal her taught buttocks.
“Let’s just stay around here. I don’t need you acting weird in public,” Chris replied, licking his lips and staring at his girlfriend’s ass.
Blake smiled and arched his back slightly. “Come on, Chris baby, I’m soooo horny.”
Blake had possessed Chris’s girlfriend, but the spell would wear off unless Chris had sex with him. Given that Erica had vowed to remain a virgin until marriage, Blake thought this would have been easy. But Chris had amazing control, which meant that Blake had to step up his game if he wanted to remain in Erica’s sexy blonde body.
Blake threw a leg over the bike, hiking up his dress to do so. He turned the key and felt the engine throb to life between his legs. The vibrations were incredible, making his body hum.
“Oh, god, that feels good,” Blake moaned, gunning the engine to drown out Chris’s protests. “I’m just going to take it for a little joyride. Mmm,” Blake bit his lip as a growing swell of pleasure washed through him.
Chris came over and shut off the bike. “Come on back inside.”
Blake moaned in disappointment and leaned against him. “Oh, god, you’re such a tease. You have no idea how horny this body is.”
Blake grabbed Chris’s hand and guided it between Erica’s legs. He was sopping wet, and if Chris wasn’t going to do anything about it Blake sure as hell would.

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    1. Hey 👋

      I’m a 44 year old female and I often fantasize about swapping bodies with my husband. If you like we could do an rp in which you play him and we found some strange magic dice which swap our bodies and then we play further changing our new bodies even more. If you have Reddit we could try it

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