Say goodbye

“I just came over to say goodbye,” Lexi said as she stood in the living room.
It was hard to believe that the woman standing in front of me was the same one I was about to marry a week ago. Technically, only her body was the same; her mind had been swapped into the body of my Black boss. Though, technically, technically, her body wasn’t the same. She’d already died my fiancé’s hair platinum blonde and gotten extensions. And she was dressing so much sexier than my fiancé ever would have done. And was that a new tattoo on her foot? She looked like a whole new person. I was glad my wife wasn’t here to see what my Black boss had done to her body.
I knew there was no use fighting it. The magic (the result of an accidental spell from a nearby magician) was permanent. My wife would have to learn to live as an older Black woman, while my boss got to prance about in my wife’s young body.
I could imagine her at home with her husband, both of them enjoying my wife’s youthful body. Her with her legs spread wide while he impaled her with his thick black cock. They had been in the process of splitting up but my wife’s body brought them back together. I guess that was one good thing to come out of this mess.
Now my wife would be screaming his name, sucking his cock, and letting him stroke her tits.
“I guess,” she said, unzipping her pants slightly and pulling the waist down low. “If you wanted one last fuck I could do that. I mean, you must know how horny your wife was. And still is.”

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