Please, please, please touch yourself now! I begged inside my girlfriend’s head.
“Not yet,” she said, turning another page before returning her hand to her thigh.
As a treat my girlfriend used her magic to let me possess her body. Only, she didn’t give me any control. I was stuck inside her head as she teased me. She could feel my lust for her as she stripped naked, and then she picked up a book and began reading.
She teased me as I grew restless and horny inside her. Each glimpse of her tits from my new perspective, every time her fingers wandered closer to her pussy drove me crazy with desire. I so badly wanted her to finger herself but she refused, smiling as I begged for more.
The world temporarily went black as she closed her eyes, sighing as her whole body tensed with expectation. I felt a drop of juice slide down her thigh.
Christ, she was horny. Her pussy was so wet, the little pink lips engorged and ready, waiting for her to slide her fingers inside. I begged for her to do it again but still she refused.
Her legs twisted and she moaned, her body shuddering as she came lightly just from the anticipation and my own desire, without even touching our body.
Slowly, slowly, she slid her hand down between her thighs, fingertips landing on her glistening pussy. She came again almost immediately in a gasping shuddering orgasm. And then the real fun began.

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