Trying and failing

Dave had been trying and failing to put clothes on for the last twenty minutes but the Stranger’s magic was far too powerful. He couldn’t cover up his sister’s tits as they swung from his chest, nor could he pull up anything to cover his sister’s bare pussy. The only thing he could wear were those damn sexy stockings.
The door suddenly flew open and Dave’s old body was standing there. His sister, Michelle, was trapped inside his old body, naked and fully aroused. She advanced upon him, helpless to stop herself, just as Dave was helpless to turn and offer up his taut ass to her.
“Sorry, little bro,” Michelle apologized, as her hands grabbed his hips and she thrust inside him.
Dave could only moan as his former cock thrust through the walls of his pussy. He grabbed his ass and tried to spread himself wide as her hot shaft slid ever deeper inside.
“It’s o–” he began. But that was as far as he got before the first orgasm took him.
His mouth dropped open and he came, pussy clenching around his sister’s dick. He would have to enjoy three more orgasms in her body before she could cum inside him and end their pleasurable torment. She would pull out and leave him, warm and dripping with his own cum.
And in thirty minutes the cycle would start all over again.

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