Down to Business (MtF Body Swap)

An executive takes advantage of long range body swapping technology to spend the day as a gorgeous young woman and turn an otherwise boring meeting into a day of sexy fun in Down to Business, on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories.

In the near future, long range body swaps can be used instead of cross country flights. A rich American executive heading to his yearly corporate meeting chooses to swap with a gorgeous young Japanese woman. He’s delighted with his body, and enjoys exploring himself before showing his new form off to the other corporate heads even as they defer to his authority.

Being in her body, moving her around, enjoying the stares of the other executives makes him hot and bothered, and it’s not long before he has to take one of them aside to satisfy his urges.

And then he figures…why stop at just one?

My driver maneuvered through the traffic and pulled up in a reserved spot just outside a squat unassuming red brick building. I waited in the back of the car as he hurried around to open my door.

“Here you are, Mr. Banner, sir.” He said.

I squeezed myself out of the car and adjusted my suit. Being so tall gave me an intimidating edge in my business dealings but made ordinary life difficult. Fortunately, I was now in the position that I could easily afford the specially tailored suits. But it was just one more reason why I preferred not to fly across the country for today’s company meeting, even in first class.

“Thank you, Edward,” I nodded. “They’ll have my dopple escorted back out to you when we’re all done. You’re to take him directly to my home and make sure he gets inside and stays there, understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

The last thing I needed was for them to lose track of my dopple. I’d locked down all my sensitive details but they could still get in all kinds of trouble. After all, they’d be running around with my face. I knew I could trust Edward. He’d been my driver and assistant for years.

I proceeded up the wide concrete steps and in through the entrance. The glass doors slid shut behind me, dampening the sound of New York’s busy streets. The lobby I was in was a huge airy room, tastefully decorated with bits of greenery. A lone hallway stretched down to the right, lined with doors. The rich interior completely belied the plain exterior and the building was much bigger than it seemed from the street.

A receptionist sat behind a steel desk in the center of the room. She wore a nearly invisible ocular headset, a lens slid down over one eye. She typed away on a virtual keyboard that was only visible through her ocular. She looked up at me as I approached and I saw her eyes flick back and forth as the ocular scanned my face and provided my details.

She was pretty, with dark mocha skin and black hair clipped back professionally. Young, too. Probably still in college, just like my soon-to-be dopple. I wouldn’t be surprised if this receptionist had been propositioned to become a dopple at some point for someone’s casual recreation. It was possible she was one now. Though I couldn’t imagine why anyone would use the technology to become a low-level receptionist.

“James Banner?” She smiled up at me and I nodded. “Doctor Stephens is on his way down. Please take a seat.”

I sat in one of the cushy black leather seats near the wall and pulled out my phone, flipping through it to triple check that all my sensitive details were locked with a password rather than facial recognition.

I’d just completed that when Dr. Stephens arrived. He was a short, pale man with horseshoe balding and wire-rimmed glasses. He shook my hand and ushered me down the hallway, asking me questions in his incongruent baritone voice. He must have had an ocular implanted in his glasses because he made complicated air gestures after each of my responses, as if ticking things off on a virtual screen I couldn’t see.

“You’ve completed your privacy check?”


“And I see here that your car will be waiting to take your dopple home. Is that correct?”

“Yes, if you could just escort him outside. Edward will take him from there.”

“Wonderful. Right this way.”

One of the doors along the hallway slid aside and I stepped into the chamber. It was a white, sterile room. A complicated chair sat in the center. It looked like a dentist’s chair but with more straps and rods and sliding parts and a helmet raised in the air above the headrest. On the wall across from the seat was a screen showing the view of another chamber, identical to this one, but located on the other side of the country. There was no one onscreen yet but I could hear voices as I sat in my chair and Dr. Stephens bustled around me, strapping me in and hooking me up to the chair.

A few seconds later, on the screen, a doctor entered followed by my prime, a young Japanese woman named Mei Hayashi. She wore a conservative outfit consisting of a full-length skirt in jade green with a white long-sleeve blouse. I could just barely make out her body beneath the nearly-shapeless clothes she wore. But the fabric spilled down over her impressive chest. Her shiny, black hair fell in tasteful bangs over her forehead in front, while in back it fell in a waterfall down her shoulders.

She was naturally shy and reserved, and moved with tiny, graceful motions, avoiding other people’s eyes. She sat in her chair, facing me, and we had no choice but to look at each other as the doctors strapped us in to our chairs. She gave me a tiny wave and a small smile. I smiled back to reassure her, my eyes playing over the gorgeous oval face and gentle brown eyes that would soon be mine.

I’d known for weeks that my company’s annual meeting on the other side of the country would be my opportunity to use the long range body swapping technology instead of flying. It was an option reserved only for the rich, though anyone could partake if they were selected to be a dopple. Given the amount of money involved, one would think there would be no shortage of available dopples. But many people seemed queasy at the idea of having someone else inhabit their body for a few days. Of course, the most sought after dopples were the young and the beautiful.

Mei hadn’t actually been on the dopple list when I flicked through it. She was the secretary at the long range body swapping facility on the other side of the country. I’d seen her onscreen only once prior to my initial consult meeting and couldn’t get her out of my mind. She had such a cherubic face and wide, almond-shaped eyes. What little I could see of her body seemed incredible. I was tempted by her beautiful figure, and her conservative and demur manner drew me in further.

She was working two jobs trying to pay for college. I offered to pay for everything if she would swap with me for one day so I could attend this meeting. It took some convincing but she finally agreed after promising that all I was going to do would be to attend my meeting in her body. It wasn’t the whole truth and I didn’t know if she suspected anything or was just desperate enough to agree.

Dr. Stephenson confirmed with his onscreen counterpart that everyone was ready. They began typing out commands on their virtual keyboard. With our heads locked into place by the helmets, Mei and I could only look at each other. I wondered what she was thinking, what she’d told her friends and family. A gentle hum started up in the chair. Just as the doctor had warned, my body went slack and an overwhelming tiredness took over. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Reality filtered back in slowly, first the physical feeling of lying on a soft mattress and the tonal hum of an empty room. When I opened my eyes I found myself on my back staring up at a white-tiled ceiling in a dimly lit room. Small lights were inset into a slight separation between the walls and the ceiling, invisible except for the muted light they gave off. I didn’t feel immediately different but that all changed the second I rubbed my eyes.

The contours of my face were different. My nose was slightly broader and flatter, my skin warm and smooth. I ran my fingers across my face, exploring Mei’s face by touch, fingertips whispering across my smooth new cheeks and rounded chin, up across the bangs that lightly fluttered against my forehead. I traced the bridge of my nose and ran my tongue around my teeth and lips, feeling slight differences in the contours of my new mouth.

“Wow,” I breathed in Mei’s tiny voice, giggling as I heard myself for the first time.

I pushed myself into a sitting position and felt a weight shift on my chest. I was sitting on a mattress in an alcove of a small room. There was a button on the wall beside the bed and some instructions written below it that I ignored for the moment. Dark hair tickled down my ears and the back of my neck. I swiped some loose strands out of my face, tucking them behind a slender ear before looking down at myself.

I was greeted by the sight of Mei’s shapeless blouse draping over her chest. The soft skirt whispered against my legs at each slight movement. I held up my hands. My fingers were dainty little things, slender and long, the nails well-rounded and glossy. I examined each tiny crease and small mole. These were my hands for now.

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