Not scared of this

Nora visited Swap Island to experience life as a man. When her girlfriend asked if she was worried about a man having sex with other men in her body Nora just scoffed.
“Men are fucking scared of this,” she said, gesturing to her tattoos and piercings. “No man in my body is going to find anyone who wants to fuck.”
Nora was wrong. Very wrong. The man who swapped bodies with her ended up being the biggest slut on the whole island. She lost count of the number of times she saw her body surrounded by a scrum of men as they thrust their cocks at her former face, her tits, her ass and her pussy.
Nora was appalled at just how slutty the man in her body was being and she pulled him aside one afternoon after watching him get taken from behind.
“You need to chill in my body,” she demanded.
Her former body laughed at her. “Fuck no. Guys love this. You seem pretty uptight for a rocker chick.”
“Don’t call me a chick, I hate that!” She said between gritted teeth.
The man in her body was so infuriating, so why was Nora’s cock getting so hard? The man offered to help Nora work out her frustrations and before she knew it she was lying back and sliding her new cock between her former tits. Fuck, it felt so good. She couldn’t help herself and soon she was grunting and cumming, splashing seed down her former chest and treating her body like a cumbucket just as everyone else on the island had been doing.

An executive takes advantage of long range body swapping technology to spend the day as a gorgeous young woman and turn an otherwise boring meeting into a day of sexy fun in Down to Business, on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.

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