My wife, Melissa, was a body hopper. She knew I had a thing for MILFs so she frequently possessed them, making them leave their homes and families for me.
We had lots of fun with my wife’s current body. She used to be a stay at home mother of two with a slightly curvy figure until Melissa got hold of her. Now we’ve wrecked her.
Melissa got huge, fake tits, lip injections, and plastic surgery to turn her into the fuck doll of my dreams. Her new body drew plenty of attention from everyone when she walked down the street holding my hand. She’s run into a few of her body’s old friends and the shocked looks on their face were priceless.
She was still incredible in bed. Melissa had no limits in her borrowed bodies and I filled every hole. I loved pounding into her tight asshole from behind while her massive tits jiggled and she moaned like a whore. She let me cum on her tits and her face, not caring what I did to this body because it was all temporary.
After a few months I could tell Melissa was getting tired of this body. I saw her scoping out her next mount.
When she leaves, the MILF will regain control of her body. Melissa told me they have no memories of what they’ve done while she’s inside them. That means that when Melissa hops out, to this mom it will seem like she was just standing in a park one day, and then one blink later she was outside some stranger’s house wearing a slutty outfit that barely covered her huge fake tits.
I’ve watched her hop out before, into another unassuming young mother close by. The old body was shocked and surprised, nearly panicking as they gaped down and saw what Melissa had done to them.
That, too, was priceless.

An executive takes advantage of long range body swapping technology to spend the day as a gorgeous young woman and turn an otherwise boring meeting into a day of sexy fun in Down to Business, on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.

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