No accident

“Whoa, it worked!” You say, as you find yourself in your girlfriend’s kitchen.
You’re wearing her mom’s pink robe, a cup of coffee in your hands. You set it down and stand up, untying the robe and spreading it wide. You gaze down at the body you now possess, at the heavy tits and the shapely curve of your girlfriend’s mom’s ass.
You wonder why the hell anyone would ever divorce this. But thank goodness her husband did because now there’s no one to interrupt you. Your former body is still stuck in the body swap machine miles away. She’ll free herself eventually but you have a little bit of time.
You cast the robe aside and grab your tits, hefting them in each hand. Turning to the mirror, you watch as you make your girlfriend’s mom touch herself. The sight of her caressing her tits, the feel of her body, the sway of her hips as you rock back and forth all drive your desire higher.
It’s not long before your panties are wet and you slide your hand beneath the fabric. Your fingers land on the rough pubic hair and then skate into the warm, wet folds.
You spread your legs and finger yourself, stroking your little clit as warm pleasure radiates through you. It’s not long before you cum, your higher pitched voice crying out in the empty house as your body quakes with orgasm.
You get two more orgasms before your former body arrives at the house and you have to tell her the story you’ve made up about incorrectly inputting the settings on the machine.
But this was no accident. You wanted some time alone as her.

An executive takes advantage of long range body swapping technology to spend the day as a gorgeous young woman and turn an otherwise boring meeting into a day of sexy fun in Down to Business, on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


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