Nothing like the first time

My girlfriend and I loved the Great Shift. We weren’t pretty people before; I had buckteeth and acne, and she was short and squat and bullies used to call her “the toad”.
And then the Great Shift happened during school. While everyone else was screaming I was strangely calm as I looked down at myself. I was in Jonah’s body. The quarterback of the football team who had the physique of a Greek God. I tried not to laugh as I watched Jonah crying when he realized who he’d become. Tears poured down my former acne-scarred face. But all I could think of was how powerful and huge I felt.
It got even better when I learned that my girlfriend had been swapped into the body of the head cheerleader, Nikki. Nikki was a petite redhead with an ass that wouldn’t quit! When she told me who she was I felt my cock already springing to attention in my pants.
Of course we snuck into a janitor’s closet as soon as we could to explore our new bodies and fuck like rabbits. I’ll never forget the first time I saw my huge new cock, felt it slide between my girlfriend’s tight pussy lips, and heard her squeal of delight in Nikki’s rich voice. We fucked quickly because we didn’t know how long this would last. When would our luck run out?
Now, seven years later, we’re still fucking. Only these days it’s on the internet and we’re making good money doing it. We’ve turned these sexy bodies into pornstars, much to the chagrin of conservative Jonah and Nikki. Yeah, I’ve lost a little of Jonah’s physique, and my girlfriend has gained some weight, but we still love our new bodies.
And hundreds of thousands of people love watching us.

An executive takes advantage of long range body swapping technology to spend the day as a gorgeous young woman and turn an otherwise boring meeting into a day of sexy fun in Down to Business, on Smashwords, Amazon, or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.

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