Fist things first

Request: Could you do a cap about a brother interested in fisting and steals his sister body. He fist her body then realizes his fist is stuck inside her and gets caught by his sister.

It was a rare occasion when a brother and sister ended up swapping bodies during Swap Class. But that was exactly what happened with Robert and Christina. While Robert was grossed out to find himself in his sister’s body, he was also incredibly curious.
“Okay, you can do this,” he said to himself, psyching himself up to slide his panties off and see his sister’s pussy for the first time.
So strange to look between his legs and see the little slit rather than his own cock and balls. He could almost pretend it was someone else, not his sister, when he began stroking it, tracing the line of his pussy up and down with one finger.
One finger became did, then three, then four. He’d always been interested in fisting and now it seemed he’d gotten his sister’s pussy soaking wet and it was opening up for him.
“Okay, you can do this,” he said again.
He twisted around and slowly slid his entire hand into his pussy. His fingers pressed apart the walls of his cunt, bringing with it an intense fullness. Sliding back and forth felt so damn good, and he opened and closed his fist, stretching out his new pussy while pleasure grew within him.
His sighs became moans became cries of lust as he came, body shaking around his hand.
“What the hell?” A man’s voice shouted.
Robert opened his eyes to see his former body standing in the doorway. Apparently he’d been too loud. He tried to yank his hand out of himself but he was stuck, suddenly tight at the unexpected interruption. All he could do was gasp in terror and then beg for help as he admitted that his hand was stuck deep inside himself.

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