Stand-In (MtF Body Switch)

A middle-aged man volunteers to transform himself to take the place of a high school cheerleader for a week in Stand-In, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories.

Adam is a scientist visiting some old college friends who have an eighteen-year-old daughter named Vanessa. She’s an athletic blonde cheerleader with a rich boyfriend. A boyfriend who’s offered to take her to Europe for a week. When her parents forbid her from going, Adam sees an opportunity to test his new invention: a body suit that allows the wearer to completely become someone else.

When Vanessa agrees, Adam gets to spend a week as a sexy young cheerleader. He’s got all of Vanessa’s memories and has to impersonate her at school and at home. Though he can’t help but be curious about his new body when he’s all alone. Plus, he finds that he’s falling for a fellow cheerleader.

Will he do something that he — and Vanessa — will regret?

Adam shifted around on the cold bleachers while the game clock ticked down to halftime. Despite the fact that he was shivering and his butt was numb from sitting on the unforgiving metal, the whole event was fun. He shrugged his jacket tighter around him as he cheered for the Emeryville Jaguars.

The bleachers were full of proud parents cheering on their kids, as well as other students out to enjoy the game. Adam sat beside his friend, Oliver, and Oliver’s wife, Tanya, all three of them cheering loudly for the home team. Adam and Oliver both wore scarves with the school’s colors—red and white—around their necks to keep out the chill. Tanya wore a jaunty red and white beanie pulled down over her ears, her fading blonde hair falling down over the back of her neck. They all enjoyed watching the game but they were really there to support Oliver and Tanya’s daughter, Vanessa, who was cheering her heart out from the sidelines.

The Jaguars were holding firm on the thirty yard line and making the visiting team fight for every yard. Even from the middle of the bleachers Adam could hear the crunch of the linemen slamming together and he winced. He did a few quick mental calculations to guess at the impact speed. The results made him wonder why anyone would send their sons to play such a brutal sport.

To say that Adam had never been particularly athletic would be an understatement. Lanky and thin, his elbows and knees stook out at funny angles. When he walked he rocked back and forth almost comically. He would be more at home in a library, or peering over the top of his wire frame glasses from the front of a university lecture hall. Not so much at a high school football game.

His herringbone twill newsboy cap was pulled down low over his forehead as a bulwark against the cold. The chilly wind caught the whisps of white hair sticking out above each ear and made them wave crazily about. He had an aquiline nose and a craggy face that somehow had a kindness to it.

Oliver nudged Adam with an elbow. “Here she goes,” he pointed one gloved hand down at the sidelines where the cheerleaders were lining up in formation.

“Oh my god, I can never watch this,” Tanya said, covering her face with her hands but peeking through her fingers.

The ten women sported red skirts with white trim and matching tops that showed off their trim bellies and bare arms. Two men stood on either side of the line wearing shiny red and white pants and short sleeve tops. The women all clutched a red and white pompom in each hand as they lined up in a staggered formation in front of the bleachers.

Vanessa was in the middle. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her cheeks had been painted with red and white hearts. She stood with her hands on her hips, smiling brightly up at the crowd. On her mark, the squad began their routine.

The team started chanting the team name as they began some choreographed high kicks that flashed so much skin Adam wondered how they weren’t frozen half to death. They twisted and turned, running and jumping while the skirts bounced up and down on their tight rears.

Then they split into two groups. Vanessa was surrounded by three other girls. Two of them linked hands before the third helped Vanessa to jump up onto this human platform. Vanessa balanced on one leg and waved her pompoms before the two girls holding her dipped down and then tossed her into the air. At the apex of her toss she did a quick split and then fell back down to be caught by the group of three girls. Tanya breathed a sigh of relief as Vanessa was lowered back to the ground. The crowd cheered politely while Oliver cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted Vanessa’s name.

Adam leaned over to him. “Why don’t I ever see you doing kicks like that?” He joked.

“I pulled a muscle just getting out of bed this morning,” Oliver laughed.

Like Adam, Oliver was an academic, more at home in a tweed jacket behind a desk than out at a football game on a chilly autumn night. Given Vanessa’s parents, Adam had been completely surprised to find her so into cheerleading and relatively uninterested in study. The last time Adam had seen Vanessa she was waddling around making “tea” out of mud and grass for her dolls. She’d certainly grown up in between visits. Now she was eighteen, and Adam did his best to put any erotic thoughts out of his mind even as she wafted around the house in snug-fitting gym shorts and tight tops that hugged her ample breasts.

Adam and Oliver had been friends for over twenty-five years. They’d met in grad school (Adam’s second attempt, Oliver’s first) and kept up the friendship through the intervening years. They now worked on different sides of the country and hadn’t seen each other in person for a long time, communicating through email and texts. Adam needed a break between semesters and Oliver happened to reach out to him, offering him a place to stay.

“I’ve got plenty of room at my house,” Oliver had assured him.

Adam was put up in one of Oliver’s guest rooms, which had its own bathroom and entrance to the backyard. Adam was impressed with—and slightly jealous of—Oliver’s success. Photos of Oliver with celebrity mathematicians lined the walls, and his study was hung with various accolades and framed journals to which he’d contributed.

Adam’s success was more modest. He’d been toiling away at a mid-rank university. But he’d recently completed a prototype of something he thought would change the world. He’d kept it a secret, even from his friend, wondering about the best way to give it a test run. His invention currently sat in his suitcase stowed in the closet of the guest bedroom.

A hearty cry from Oliver brought Adam back to the present. “Go Jaguars!”

The cheerleaders did one last split kick and then raised their pom-poms, encouraging the crowd in the bleachers to cheer. Finally, they split off and returned to their benches near the bottom of the bleachers as the crowd dispersed for halftime refreshments.

“Are we supposed to go down and say hi or anything?” Adam asked.

“Oh, god no,” Oliver shook his head. “She wants us to be here in spirit but our physical presence just embarrasses the hell out of her.”

“I’m going to get a hot dog. You two want anything?” Tanya offered. Her dark green eyes sparkled and the tip of her cute upturned nose was red with the cold.

“Hot dog sounds good. I’ll have one, too.” Oliver replied.

“Three please,” Adam added.

“You got it,” Tanya stood and shuffled down the bleachers towards the refreshment stand.

“I’m no expert on cheerleading but she seems pretty good,” Adam said.

“Yeah, she enjoys it. I’m not sure where she gets the physical aptitude from. Definitely not me. I just wish she put as much effort into her studies as she does her cheerleading.”

“You know how teens are.”

“I know how I was. I don’t think I ever raised my nose from a book my entire high school career.”

“You know how teens are, theoretically,” Adam amended with a slight smile.

“And like many things, the theory seems to break down in practice,” Oliver replied ruefully.

Tanya soon returned with the food and they all watched Vanessa’s routines to the backdrop of the football game. When the last whistle blew and the Jaguars had won the game, the cheerleaders launched into one last routine, spinning and jumping and with Vanessa tossed high into the air once again.

As the field emptied the crowd made their way down the bleachers and out the exits. Oliver, Adam and Tanya paused at the end of the walkway leading down into the locker rooms. A few of the football players were already heading towards them, sweaty and tired. They were greeted by some of the parents who gushed over their performance on the field.

Finally, Vanessa appeared. She was still in her uniform, a small sports bag slung over one shoulder. She was accompanied by a solid-looking young man with a heavy-looking duffel bag slung over his broad shoulders. He couldn’t keep his eyes off Vanessa as she chatted happily.

Adam was too far away to hear what they were saying but the young man laughed at something Vanessa said. Vanessa perked up when he responded, her entire face lighting up before she stood up on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek.

“Who’s that?” Adam asked Oliver.

“Jamie. He’s a back of some sort. They’re friends.”

Tanya leaned in to set the record straight. “He’s a running back and they’re dating.”

“Little too young for it, if you ask me,” Oliver harumphed.

“She’s eighteen,” Tanya replied gently. “If she can’t date now when can she?”

Vanessa spotted her parents and gave a cheerful wave. Her cheeks were flushed and her emerald green eyes were lively. She practically skipped up to her mom, moving with the easy carelessness of youth, her golden legs flashing beneath the skirt.

“You were wonderful, honey.” Tanya said, giving her a hug.

“And your mom had her eyes closed most of the time,” Oliver added.

Tanya elbowed him and Vanessa rolled her eyes. “Mom, we’ve got the routine down. They’re not going to drop me.”

“Good job, Vanessa.” Adam said. “I was just telling your dad that he should get up there and do that.”

“I’d love to see that,” she smiled, flashing bright white teeth.

Jamie had stopped next to Vanessa and Oliver turned to him. “Good game, Jamie.”

“Thanks, Mr. Gardner,” Jamie replied before turning to Vanessa. “The guys and I are gonna hang out at Ken’s place tonight. Wanna come?”

“Is it just going to be another video game marathon?”

“Yeah,” Jamie grinned.

“Ugh. Count me out.”

“Suit yourself,” he shrugged. “See you tomorrow?”

“I’ll text you.”

They kissed one last time. Adam looked awkwardly away. Then Jamie gave one last nod to Oliver and Tanya before continuing out to the parking lot.

Another cheerleader passed them, an olive-skinned girl with a waterfall of brunette curls spilling down her back. Oliver recognized her as the cheerleader who’d stood behind Vanessa and helped boost her high into the air.

“Good job tonight, Vanessa,” she said as she passed then.

“Oh, you too, Katherine,” Vanessa replied cheerily.

Oliver offered to carry Vanessa’s bag. She handed it to him as she walked next to her mom, the two of them chatting happily on their way to the car.

“This is what I am now,” Oliver said to Adam as he followed behind the two women. “Just a cheerleader’s sherpa.”

“Could be worse. You could be a cheerleader.”

“Can you imagine?” Oliver laughed.

They all piled into Oliver’s SUV. Oliver and Adam rode up front while Vanessa and Tanya slid into the back. Vanessa seemed giggly and nervous on the ride back home and when they finally parked in the garage she couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Daddy?” She asked sweetly, leaning between the two front seats so that Adam caught a whiff of her slightly fruity perfume.

“Uh oh, I know that tone,” Oliver said warily. “You want something.”

“Jamie’s family is going to England for the whole week next week for a family wedding and he asked me if I could come—”

“Absolutely not.” Oliver shook his head.

“We can get all our assignments from the teachers so we can do the work,” Vanessa persisted. “We won’t be missing any schooling but when else would I ever have the chance to stay in a real castle? Please daddy? Please?”

“Honey…” Tanya began, preparing to break disappointing news to Tanya.

Vanessa batted her long lashes and tried to look her sweetest but her charm didn’t work on Oliver.

“There is no way your mother and I are letting you go to England in the middle of the school year and with your boyfriend.”

“It’s with his family. It’s not like it will be just us. We—”

Oliver twisted around to look at her. “No, honey, no way. It’s the middle of the school year. You can’t just up and leave. Maybe we can visit Europe another time.”

“We can take the school work with us!” Her voice had taken on a slight whine.

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