Borrowed Lives

Borrowed Lives

I’ve got a new short story collection out featuring three stories commissioned by readers. It’s called Borrowed Lives: A Body Theft Short Story Collection featuring three short stories about stealing bodies, sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently, but always for pleasure. These stories contain intense descriptions of lust and sex and are not for everyone. In Second Time for Everything a man steals… Read more →

Relaxed - part 2

Relaxed – part 2

Elle-Jae has graciously finished me off *ahem* with the conclusion of Relaxed: “… “Mm, wow. I must have dozed-off,” moans my guy’s client through the face-space of his massage table while Mason & I exchange lascivious grins and a passionate kiss behind her back. “You wouldn’t believe the dream I just had, uh… Mason – is it? I don’t suppose… Read more →