The right one

“Well, if I’m going to be you,” Will said, nervously plucking at the banana in his tiny hands, “Maybe you should tell me about my life.”
It was a little awkward standing in a stranger’s body dressed only in panties and a tank top. Even more so when he found her extremely attractive and fought the urge to ogle himself in front of her. He still wasn’t used to how this body moved, how he sounded when he talked, how he was so much smaller and lighter than before.
Samantha, in Will’s body, grinned as she explained his new life in between bites.
“Yeah, all right. Your name is Samantha now. You go to Michigan State where you’re on the gym team. So you’re going to have to practice that.”
“How often have you done this?” Will asked when she finished.
“The switching bodies thing? Hundreds of times. I gotta say, you’re taking it pretty well. Most people flip out.”
Will nodded noncommittally. Truthfully, he’d always felt kind of wrong in his body but had never told anyone. He’d desperately tried to fit in by being the manliest one around in a futile attempt to please his dad. Now, in this dainty blonde body, Will felt better than he had in years. He nibbled on his banana as he considered the gift he’d been given. He could start over as the person he’d always wanted to be.
“You know,” Samantha said, wiping her mouth. “If you want me to show you how that body works I can.” She winked at him.
Men. Will fought the urge to roll his eyes.
“Maybe later. Let me just get used to it first.”
“Suit yourself,” Samantha shrugged, placing the bowl in the sink. “I’m going to go out and get some use out of this body. Don’t call me begging for it back, either.”
Will wouldn’t.

An idle wish sees a young man splitting his consciousness into his mom, his two sisters and himself, and controlling all four bodies simultaneously in Split, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


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