An idle wish sees a young man splitting his consciousness into his mom, his two sisters and himself, and controlling all four bodies simultaneously in Split, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.

Cody isn’t as skillful as his youngest sister, nor as confident as his eldest sister, nor does he have the wisdom of his mom. During vacation with them, Cody makes a wish one night that he could have the best of them all. His wish comes true the next day when he wakes up in his own body as well as the bodies of the rest of the family.

Cody’s consciousness is split among his sisters, his mom and himself. He’s seeing through four pairs of eyes, hearing through four pairs of ears, feeling every sensation from all four bodies at the same time. It’s disorienting and confusing…and sexy as hell.

As he gradually gets used to simultaneously controlling all four, he attempts to make it through the vacation without his extended family questioning what’s going on. But the sensations of each body build on each other and it’s not long before Cody is enjoying a first person exploration of all of his selves.

“Come on,” Cody’s youngest sister, Kim, urged him. “Keep your skis pointed downhill. Faster! You can do it!”

Cody was too busy concentrating on keeping his skis in a wedge so he wouldn’t fly down the bunny hill to respond. Why did a hill that looked so small from the lodge seem so steep when he was going down it? It was barely taller than he was high, yet it seemed a dizzying precipice perched precariously on top of his skis like this. Cody’s arms remained out at an awkward angle, clutching the poles in a death grip as he inched down hill. A kid who couldn’t have been more than seven years old blew past him. The sudden motion made Cody dizzy and he overbalanced, collapsing into a nearby snowdrift.

When he managed to dig himself out, he heard Kim laughing at him. He scowled at her.

She was watching from the wooden deck of the lodge, her arms crossed casually as she leaned on the railing just to the side of the bunny slopes. Her white ski hat held her long black hair back behind her neck, the bangs just peeking out from beneath. She wore a navy blue ski jacket that clung to her slender form. Her white snow pants were tightly fitted, earning some admiring glances from some of the passersby. She was sipping on a Styrofoam cup of hot cocoa, no doubt a gift from someone she’d just met. Kim had the annoying habit of fitting in and being the popular one everywhere she went. She was nineteen years old and frustratingly confident in all things.

“Sorry, Cody,” Kim said as she tried to temper her laughter. “But you’re too funny.”

“Kim, knock it off,” Cody’s eldest sister, Zara said, coming up beside her. She had the remains of a brownie in hand, which she stuffed into her mouth and swallowed in one quick gulp. “You’re doing great, Cody. Keep it up.”

Zara’s optimistic appraisal was almost worse than Kim’s sarcastic realism. Cody was definitely not doing great. He managed to push himself back onto his feet, only to realize he was facing the wrong way and began to flail about as he found himself sliding down backwards. In his panic to turn himself, he tripped over his skis and faceplanted into the snow, sliding the next few feet to the bottom of the hill and ending up with a mouthful of snow. Younger kids whizzed past Cody into the waiting arms of their proud parents, giving the spluttering and coughing twenty-year-old sympathetic looks as he struggled to right himself.

Zara helped him to his feet. “You made it to the bottom!” She said with false cheer.

“Thanks entirely to gravity,” Added Kim, which remark earned a sharp elbow in the ribs from Zara.

“Whoopee,” Cody said dully, wiping grit off his face.

Zara had removed her ski cap, and her purple-tipped black hair curled lightly around her oval face. A light tan scarf was tossed casually around her neck. She was much bustier than her sister, but hid it beneath a puffy dark-blue ski coat. Her dark eyes searched Cody’s face as she stroked his arm reassuringly.

“Definitely ready for the black diamond,” Kim teased.

“Maybe a few more times down the bunny slope,” Zara suggested.

Cody pulled his arm away. He’d already been down the bunny slope fifteen times. The instructor had given up on him. The other kids who’d started the day learning with him had long since moved on to the actual slopes. Cody had never been particularly athletic like Kim, or persistent enough to pick up new skills, like Zara.

And then, just as everyone was staring at him, treating him like he was an idiot, his mom came running out and made it so much worse.

“Oh, Cody, are you okay? Oh my gosh, you’re hurt!” Angela squealed as she hurried down the steps to Cody and smooshed his head against her pillowy breasts while patting his back. “My poor baby.”

“Mom!” Cody struggled, trying to get away. But he still had his skis on and they tangled up, spilling him into the snow again and nearly bringing his mom down on top of him.

“My baby!” Angela said, helping him to his feet.

“I’m not a baby,” Cody insisted. “And I’m not doing the bunny slopes again,” he said, turning to Zara, who put up her arms in surrender. “I’m doing a beginner slope,” Cody said, full of indignation.

He awkwardly used his poles to push himself off towards the direction of the chair lift. Angela wrung her hands nervously.

“I’ll keep an eye on him,” Cody heard Zara say.

“I’ll glance at him as I whizz down the black diamond,” Kim said.

Both his sisters managed to get their skis on and catch up with him before he could board the chair lift. He at least managed to get onboard the chair without embarrassing himself. It only involved standing upright and waiting, which was the sole skill he’d sort of got the hang of.

Cody was wedged in between Zara and Kim and had to endure their sympathy all the way up to the top.

“You sure you’re ready for this? You can always just stay on the chair lift and it will take you back down,” Zara suggested.

Cody shook his head. That would be way too humiliating.

“Remember,” Kim said, her blue eyes sparkling mischievously. “You can always fake an injury and have the emergency team take you to the bottom of the hill.”

When they reached the top, Zara took his elbow to help him off the chair. Kim skied away to the next chair lift up to the diamond slopes with a chirpy ‘See ya!’ as Cody maneuvered himself around so he was facing downhill. The mountain stretched out beneath his skis. Around him, other skiers were whizzing down at impossible speeds. Zara gave him a questioning glance. Somewhere down there at the bottom of the mountain his mom was waiting for him, a nervous wreck.

“You can do this,” Zara whispered, hopeful despite everything she’d witnessed on the bunny slopes.

“I know I can,” Cody lied. “I’ll see you at the bottom.”

He pushed off in a show of bravado before he could have second thoughts and almost immediately regretted it. He was going way too fast. He tried to pizza slice but it just sent him veering off towards the tree line. Zara whizzed downhill in front of him, disappearing rapidly. Cody desperately corrected himself, arms flailing, wishing he had Kim’s skills or even Zara’s optimistic confidence. Instead, he found himself staring death in the face, his two choices were to smash into a giant tree or flop onto the ground. He chose the latter, his skis clattering as he fell to the snow.

He sat up and gingerly got back on his skis, point away from the trees and keeping himself locked in the braking position. He got down the hill slowly. Tumbling to stop himself when he went too fast. Other skiers shot down the hill around him. He was pretty sure that, as he struggled to get down the hill, Zara had gone back up and passed him at least twice. Probably to check up on him. At least she didn’t stop to offer help. That would have somehow been even more embarrassing.

By the time Cody reached the bottom of the hill he was sweaty and trembling from the exertion of locking his knees into position. He didn’t even protest as his mom ran out to help him. She brought him into the lodge, sat him down, and fed him some hot cocoa as she soothed him.

“You did it! So good!” Zara said, when she joined them a moment later.

Cody knew his eldest sister wasn’t trying to be condescending, but it certainly came out that way. Kim took a seat across from him, trying hard not to roll her eyes.

They ate dinner at the lodge and returned to their rented cabin in the evening. It was a two story cabin that overlooked the tree line. The inside was decorated in a kitschy camping style, with faux-wood furniture. And there were mirrors everywhere. Maybe the owners were narcissists because Cody couldn’t imagine anyone who would want to wake up in a bedroom and immediately see themselves, or sit in the living room and watch themselves watching the fire.

Kim pranced in through the front door and flicked on the lights. Zara made her way to the kitchen and fixed herself a post-dinner ice cream. How she managed to eat so much and stay so thin Cody never knew. He certainly couldn’t do that as evidenced by his bulge. Cody’s mom insisted Cody sit and rest but he shrugged her off and went to take a shower.

Afterwards, he changed into a tee shirt and ratty sweatpants before joining his mom and sisters in the living room. Kim had on her long, white-and-blue nightie. She sat cross-legged in front of the fire, absorbed in a book. Zara and Angela lounged on the couch, Zara in loose sweatpants and an oversized grey shirt that was cut way too low and revealed too much of his sister’s ample breasts for Cody’s taste; Angela in a sheer-white lacy nightie which Cody thought much too sheer for (his) comfort.

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