An affair to remember

“What the fuck?” Tina yelped, staring up at the woman sitting on top of her who she belatedly realized was herself. Her body was wound tight with need and her desire was surrounded by rich wet heat that made her want to thrust up.
Darren gasped and looked down at the man below him, the body he used to occupy until a second ago. He gasped and struggled to right himself, his arms jiggling the massive fake tits on his chest. His new body was also dripping with want and in his struggle to sit up he forced his new pussy farther down his former cock. The movement tipped Tina over the edge and she came, thrusting up towards her former body. Darren felt her throbbing inside, felt each hot spurt of his own cum as it filled his tight new pussy.
“Oh god! Oh god!” He cried, half in delight, half in terror.
Darren and Tina had been having an affair, sneaking away to a hotel room most afternoons for a quickie. But the Great Shift changed all that. Somehow, Darren would have to explain to his suspicious wife why he was in the body of the busty blonde he’d promised never to see again. But before that he had to clean himself off. But even before that, he had to sate the twisting desire that still burned inside him. Tina had gotten off, but Darren desperately needed to finish off his new body with a good orgasm before he could think straight.

An idle wish sees a young man splitting his consciousness into his mom, his two sisters and himself, and controlling all four bodies simultaneously in Split, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


  1. Hi i have a little question. Where do you find you images for your captions? I would like to start captions as well.

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