Best revenge

They say that living well is the best revenge. I disagree. Magically transforming the three bullies who made your life miserable into hot sluts is the best form of revenge.
The three bullies are stretched out on my bed. No longer are they the ugly, brutal assholes they used to be. Now they’re gorgeous young women hungry for my cock. Their hands roam across their bodies, touching themselves, caressing their soft skin as they gaze at my dick, hungry for a taste.
I kneel above Brad’s head. He was the worst of the three. He hated me with a passion. Now, as I bring my cock closer to his head he raises his lips and sucks me in deep, closing his eyes and moaning as I fill him. His other hand wanders down between his legs to the sacred crevice, where his fingers stroke his budding clit. He’s slick with desire.
His tongue is magical on my cock, gliding around my girth as he forces more and more into his mouth. The others watch on enviously, biting their lips, waiting their turn, bodies wracked with need only I can fulfill.
I pull my cock out of Brad’s dainty mouth and stroke the head across his cheeks and chin and nose, glazing his pretty new features with my pre-cum. He gasps, eager for more, but I hold off, tease him by moving on to one of the others.
Brad whimpers, fingers still circling his clit, his desire rising and rising but it will never crest until I allow it. Maybe I’ll just keep him horny forever, stroking himself but never getting the final release. He’s at my mercy now.

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