Different folks

It was so crazy how I still had my male desires in this woman’s body. Which meant I was basically attracted to myself.
We were strangers just passing each other on the street when the aliens picked us up. I had about half a second to think ‘she’s cute’ and then I was zapped up into an alien ship. There were no anal probes on this one, though.
The aliens laid us out side by side and then did something to our heads. The world seems to jump and the next thing I know I’m looking over at someone who looked like me. It took a second to realize that it was me. The aliens then beamed us back down to earth after switching our bodies. I assume they were watching us to see how we’d adjust and hadn’t just swapped our bodies for the hell of it.
Well, circumstances had thrown us together so we figured we’d better stay together until we could figure out how to deal with all this. Her place was closer so we went there and she let me stay in her spare bedroom.
Walking around in her body was hot as hell, and as soon as I could I undressed and spread my legs in front of the mirror. Christ, I was gorgeous, and the sight of my little pink pussy sent delicious shivers through me. I was getting wet watching my mirror image touch myself. My eyes roamed up and down my slender form as my fingers slid deeper into my wet pussy.
If the aliens were still watching me, they would have seen me desperately trying to muffle my cries as my body shook from my first roaring female orgasm.

Body Switch Collection 17 features 5 previously published stories and is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon.


  1. Re-minds me of Sapphirefoxx Cartoons . Mostly
    everyone appeared to have a XX body, and a XY brain, or
    a XY body, and a XX brain. From birth. All so thair where people in that Fictional universe that had romantic feelings for the wrong gender .

    So the solution was to transform 1 of 4 things to make people happy.
    They are : the whole life story ,
    the body, the brain, and the romantic feelings that they have.
    For example someone will eat ice cream, and became female.

  2. Maybe next week with the solar eclipse coming the aliens will return and do the same thing to me! Zoe

  3. Could you add a tag on cuckold and or cheating? I love your work and I feel like you already have written that stuff but don’t have a tag for it! Anyways just an idea, take care!

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