Different strokes

“You caught me,” Kerry admitted, covering his eyes and laughing in embarrassment.
There was no denying it. His best friend, Emily, had caught him in her body with her pants around her ankles and her hand on her pussy.
“This is a total violation of my body,” Emily said, glaring at him. “We agreed we wouldn’t do anything like this.”
“I know but I got curious and I got horny and–“
“I’ve had hard-ons all day, too,” Emily admitted. “But you don’t see me jerking off your dick.”
“Maybe you should.”
“Maybe I will!”
Emily unbuttoned her pants and began stroking Kerry’s dick. “How do you like this?”
“Great,” Kerry growled. “How do you like this?”
He resumed stroking his new pussy, sliding his fingers up and down his glistening folds. Kerry’s cock grew harder in her hand as the two angrily masturbated while glaring at each other.
Emily came first, her cock spurting creamy hot bursts over her fingers. Watching his own cock erupt was weirdly arousing, and Kerry sank his fingers into his pussy up to the second knuckle and luxuriated in the warm wet feel of his new pussy. But he couldn’t quite get off.
“You’re doing it wrong,” Emily snorted.
“Maybe you should show me how,” Kerry retorted.
“Maybe I will!” Emily said, sliding her masculine hand over his wet pussy and stroking his budded clit. Emily was amazing, and soon had her former body cumming hard around her new fingers.

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