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Request: Been a while since you last did a Swap Class cap, could I request one thats similar to “Two for One?” I’d love to be in the body of two hot cheerleaders (and if they’re sisters too, I’d appreciate it!)

Malcolm was waiting in swap class, dread building within him as each name was called out and the number of candidates dropped. He was praying to end up in the body of Charlotte – a hot blonde cheerleader with big tits – or her sister, Mia – a hot blonde cheerleader with slightly smaller tits. They were praying just not to end up in his geeky body. In a weird twist, though, the swap class machine malfunctioned and put Malcolm in both their bodies at the same time.
Malcolm blinked, but still saw the same room from two different angles. Looking down at himself, he found the boy of both Charlotte and Mia. His consciousness had been split and he was controlling them both. Meanwhile, they were stuck in his body and having a hard time coordinating their limbs with both their minds fighting.
The school had no choice but to leave them like that until the machine was fixed. It took Malcolm several hours practice but eventually he could move both bodies independently. As soon as he got back into the private of Charlotte’s room, he put his newfound abilities to interesting use.
He straddled Mia with Charlotte’s body. Now he was both looking down at himself between his legs and staring up at himself, his tongue inches away from Charlotte’s pussy. He flashed his tongue out and licked a line up Charlotte’s slit, tasting her as the sensation of Mia’s tongue in his pussy made Charlotte’s body tremble. Malcolm laughed in delight, both bodies laughing at each other, before he was able to continue his long, luxurious licks of Charlotte’s pussy with Mia’s tongue until both bodies shared in Charlotte’s orgasm.

Body Switch Collection 17 features 5 previously published stories and is available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon.


  1. All the other classmates have to remain swapped longer because of the time to fix the machine. I wonder what effect would have. The machine could have been slowly breaking and others were not properly swapped either. This was the first noticed. The classmates before also were not properly swapped. Some aspects never fully separated and the others are stuck with residual perceptions, personalities and behaviors etc. Not necessarily both swapped but one of the pairs. Or maybe even some students got a little bit from the pairs right before them. Those errors would make for interesting stories. Just a thought.

  2. Would love to see a follow-up where the sisters realize that beneath his geeky exterior Malcolm has a lean body and a large cock, and they take turns jerking each other off.

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