Different body rule

Request: Long time reader, big fan. If possible can you do a caption where a swap occurs between myself and my girlfriend’s best friend, a red head called Libby. Things happen as they always do, exploring and experimentation, but they come together for one big exploration…

“Oh, this is very comfy,” Aaron giggled from within the body of his girlfriend’s best friend, Libby, as he sat down on his former groin.
“Stop. What are you doing?” Libby asked.
But she didn’t try to push him off. In fact, Aaron saw her eyes roaming up and down her former backside so he tossed his hair back and let one of his own hands drag down Libby’s side. She hadn’t stopped him when he’d gotten her body naked, either. She must have been just as curious as he was. Hell, he could feel that she was just as hard as he would have been if their roles hadn’t been reversed.
Aaron shifted, dragging Libby’s butt cheeks across her still-hidden length. The erection beneath poked up and dragged a beautiful pressure across the underside of his pussy.
Aaron and Libby had accidentally swapped bodies after touching a magic McGuffin they’d found in Aaron’s attic.
Libby cleared her throat. “What about your girlfriend?”
Aaron shrugged, feeling Libby’s slight breasts bounced as he did so. “Pretty sure this wouldn’t count as cheating. I mean, there’s the different area code rule. Surely there’s a different body rule,” Aaron said, stroking one of Libby’s breasts, his fingers lingering on her warm pink nipple.
All it took was another slight shift of Aaron’s buttocks and Libby was all over him, groping him with his own hands, kissing him with his own mouth and, soon, sliding into him with his own cock.

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