Sudden burst

Elena didn’t know what came over her. One second she was sitting watching TV, and the next she was groping herself. Her hands were splayed over her breasts, fingers digging into her soft skin. She had a crushing need to touch herself, to run her hands up and down her body and explore it as if she’d never seen it before.
“Oh my god,” she whispered as she fondled her tits. “These are amazing.”
She leaned back in the chair and put a knee up on the arm before sliding her hand down her shorts. Her fingers grazed over her warm entrance and she grew unnaturally excited at the touch of her pussy. her fingers fumbled across her entrance, stroking differently than she’d ever touched herself before, fumbling and unsure until she landed – almost by accident – on the tiny nub that caused warm sparks to shoot through her.
Elena had no idea that the guy in the next apartment had astral projected himself into her body and was controlling her. She thought it was her own decision to stroke her pussy until it grew wet, to moan and wriggle and slide her fingers deep inside her wet entrance, to stretch herself apart and finger herself to a beautiful moaning orgasm.
When the guy in the next apartment flitted out of her body, Elena lay on the couch, breathing hard and laughing at herself for the sudden burst of horniness.
It would happen many times over the next several weeks, as the guy next door became more adept at using her body.

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  1. I love the body sharing label but you should go back and label earlier work. I really like ones like this wherein the girl thinks they’re her own actions. I like how in this one she didn’t just notice ‘her’ actions but also ‘her’ thoughts and mentality. “As she’d never seen it before” loved that awareness.

    1. p.s. Could you please make more like this? I also wonder what effect this would have on her psyche long term.

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