Cute ass

“Huh, I do have a cute ass, don’t I?” My girlfriend mused from within my body as she looked down at me.
I half turned and gave her her cutest grin. “I told you that.”
“Yeah, but it’s not until I really saw it that I was like…damn!” She laughed and grabbed my pert butt cheeks with my former hands. I giggled and swatted at her and she crawled up my body, pressing me down against the bed. I felt so tiny in her body as my former bulky form draped onto me. She kissed her way up my back and I felt my former cock sliding between my cute ass cheeks. She’d already fucked me once today. Seemed like she was ready for round two.
“Mmmm, someone’s excited,” I whispered, each of her kisses making me shiver.
She growled in my ear and began sliding her cock up and down the crack of my ass.
“Goddamn, I want to fuck you so bad,” she growled in my ear.
I was wet for her already and I clenched my butt cheeks, squeezing my former cock. Her hands grew faster on my body, sliding down beneath me and finding my glistening entrance. She played with my pussy as she kissed me, gently rubbing my clit until I was sopping wet and moaning for her, ready to be filled again.
We’d gone to Swap Hotel intending to try out other people, but when we ended up in each other’s bodies we stayed in the room almost all day pleasuring ourselves.

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