Rocks me to my core

My daughter would kill me if she found out I had sex with her boyfriend while stuck in her body. But right now, riding him is all I can think about. She’s back at our house playing mom, thinking I’m at her job. But I finished up early and my daughter’s boyfriend, James, offered me a ride home.
We’re all alone in his house and the way he’s looking at me is making my heart melt and my thighs wet. I lean back against the wall, wanting to break away but also wanting to move closer. He tucks my hair back behind an ear and smiles down at me.
I should make an excuse and leave. I should walk away now. But I don’t. I pull him forward and kiss him and…mmmm…he’s warm and masculine and delightful. Sparks are flying between us. I’m filled with a drumbeat of lust that I can’t contain.
I slip my tongue into his mouth and let my fingers graze down his chest. My heart is pounding and when he presses against me our hearts pound together. I drag my hand against his crotch and feel him moan into my mouth. When’s the last time someone has wanted me this badly?
Everything is so much brighter with these teenage hormones, so much more…there. I need this, need this, need this and I give in, yanking his top off over his head and pressing my hands against his warm solid pecs. Soon enough my dress is on the floor, as are we. I ride him slowly and he looks up at me with such utter lust and our explosion rocks me to my core.
How am I going to explain this to my daughter?

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  1. Do not say anything.
    Get Married to the boyfriend.
    2 Adults should not worry about each other unless it is illegal, or dangerous to human life.

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