Request: Essentially the cap will be about me, a desperate virgin trying to make a contract with a deity/demon so that I could have sex any time I wanted in exchange for my soul once I die. The deity/demon accepts the contract, but adds a twist to it where it possesses the closest woman (can be the neighbor, a family member, or even a random stranger, entirely up to you!) whenever I use the contract.

Cody was a virgin so desperate to get laid that he conjured up a demon and made a deal.
“You can have my soul,” Cody offered. “In exchange, I can have sex whenever I want.”
“It is done,” the demon screeched, before disappearing in a puff of black smoke.
Cody didn’t feel any different but he wanted to try out his powers. He walked down the street until he saw an attractive woman.
“I want to have sex with her right now.”
He didn’t know what to expect. That she would throw herself at him? Rip off her clothes and jump him right there? Cody certainly didn’t expect that he would suddenly find himself in a hotel room clutching a solidly-built stranger.
His body felt off. the leg he could see was held tight by the stranger, and Cody’s leg looked like a woman’s leg. Something silky draped down his shoulders and there was something solid and warm that seemed to be filling him somehow.
Cody looked down at the rrst of his body and found two small breasts pressing up against the stranger’s chest. The demon had turned him into a random woman having sex! Cody gasped and tried to pull away but the stranger held him tight and thrust in faster rising to a climax before groaning and pumping into him.
Cody had to grip something at the weirdness of having someone cum in his pussy, so he gripped his own ass and gasped.
As soon as the man was done, Cody found himself back in his own body. The demon allowed him to have sex whenever he wanted, but whenever Cody wanted sex he was pushed into the body of the nearest woman already in the act. And he returned to his body even hornier than when he left.

An idle wish sees a young man splitting his consciousness into his mom, his two sisters and himself, and controlling all four bodies simultaneously in Split, available only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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