Like a champ

Mitch still had a hard time believing that his dad’s mind was in the body of the petite blonde who was slowly crawling up him. Hell, Mitch had a hard time believing that he himself was in the body of her sexy friend. He was trembling as his dad’s hand gently caressed a breast. Mitch eased out a long, slow breath as his body warmed gently.
His dad smiled and kissed his neck. “See son? I told you we’d have a good time this weekend.”
From the confident way his dad moved about in the female body he wore, Mitch guessed it wasn’t his first time at Exchange Island. They’d come as a father/son bonding thing soon after the divorce was finalized. Mitch didn’t know what he was getting into until he suddenly found himself in the body of this cute young woman.
Still caressing Mitch’s breast, his dad gently shoved a knee up against Mitch’s pussy. The pressure felt incredible, and Mitch wiggled down, needing more of it. He felt his pussy growing wet, a strange tingly sensation that seemed to make him both loose and incredibly tight deep inside. When their lips met, heat blossomed within Mitch’s new thighs and he wiggled and sighed beneath his dad’s soft kisses.
His dad kissed his way down Mitch’s breasts, over his tummy, and then ducked his face between Mitch’s pussy. His tongue snaked out, tracing the velvety folds of Mitch’s new body and making his mind ring with desire. His dad was so good at this, and over the course of the next few days, his dad would teach give Mitch a first-hand lesson on how to lick pussy like a champ.

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