Can’t help laughing

I always laughed when I got nervous and this was no exception. My wife and I had been playing around with two rings that let us swap our bodies, though this was the first time we’d ever gone this far.
I was naked in her body, excited every time I looked down and saw her beautiful tits hanging from my chest and the soft swell of her hips. Now my legs were spread and my wife aimed my former cock at her wild bush.
I felt myself part for her and her cock began sliding inside, spreading me apart. She reached out and grabbed a breast, squeezing my new sensitive part with my former fingers. The absolute lust on her face was amusing and I tightened my lips to stifle my nervous laughter.
She paused, her cock halfway inside. “Is this okay?” She asked.
I nodded. I was wet and having her only half inside me was driving me crazy. I needed to feel myself wrapped around my own dick, needed to be filled with that hard heat.
She obliged, slipping deeper into me until our groins were connected and I was so, so full. God, it felt wonderful. She slowly began thrusting, her hands growing greedier on my body. I stared down her body, past her tits, to watch my cock slide in and out of my new hole. It was hot as hell watching it disappear inside me, feeling it as it slid up through my canal.
I clutched her, kissing her, needing our bodies close as I urged her to go faster, harder. My wife’s body needed a good fucking, and she delivered.

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