Another Life

I’m meeting up with my longtime crush for the first time in years, and I’m going to use my bodyhopping powers to enjoy her amazing body to the fullest in Another Life, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

I’ve been friends with Abby for years. She was the first person I ever hopped when I discovered my powers and I enjoyed every moment in her skin. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. We’d been almost-lovers for years until our lives took us in different directions.

Now we’re meeting up in a tropical paradise. I’ve arrived early so I can spend a day in her body where I can enjoy being a beautiful woman, have a passionate evening with her husband, dress myself in her gorgeous clothes, and explore every delightful sensation of my sexy body.

The longer I’m inside her the more our minds meld, so when I meet back up with her in my own body we both want the same thing: a passionate night with each other.

I sipped my drink at the nearly empty bar and glanced out into the hotel lobby. Still no sign yet of Abby. Her conference was finishing up and then she’d walk right out those double doors. I hadn’t seen her in person for a few years and I was worried I wouldn’t recognize her.

The bartender had long since forgotten about me. Didn’t even ask me if I wanted another when I set my empty glass down on the dark wood of the bar. Being a forgettable guy served my purposes though. Ever since I’d discovered in college that I had the ability to possess people I no longer wanted to stand out. I’d much rather blend in. Disappear. Then take over. Put my mind into someone else’s body and walk around as them. There was a freedom in being other people that I didn’t have as myself. It was like getting an outsider’s perspective on life.

When I first gained my powers I was reckless. I didn’t truly understand the awesome responsibility I had when I possessed someone. I had…too much fun. But I wasn’t a monster. I felt bad. I tried to fix it as best I could but I couldn’t control minds. When I hopped a body, the person I was in remained conscious and aware, thinking everything I did as them was of their own free will. I could also pick through their thoughts. They were a complete open book to me. When I stepped out, reality reasserted itself and their old character would come roaring back. If I did something out of character as them they would think it was a one-time thing. An act of temporary insanity. Unless, perhaps, I did it multiple times.

I could nudge. Little pushes here and there to set them on my preferred path. Sometimes it didn’t take much. Sometimes people really wanted to do something and just needed an excuse.

I glanced out at the hotel lobby as the conference room doors opened. A few people I didn’t recognize stepped out and let the doors, shut behind them. No Abby.

Ah, Abby. She was my first. My first love. My first hop. I’d always been attracted to her even before I learned of my powers. Being in her body was divine. She was lean and athletic, with a fantastic body and a gorgeous face. We were gym buddies and friends, nothing more, much to my chagrin. Until my powers manifested. As she was my first I didn’t know what I was doing and I guess our minds melded somewhat. Ever since then I’d had this tenuous psychic link to her, stronger when we were close by and almost nonexistent when we were miles apart.

Now I was in Hawaii to see her. She was here for a conference with her husband, Ben. I lied and told her I’d be in town for a conference as well so why not make a week out of it? I traveled a lot for my own work, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary. It got even better when Ben learned he had to leave early for a business meeting in Germany so after tonight I’d have Abby all to myself.

My head buzzed faintly and something compelled me to look towards the lobby. I felt Abby’s presence before I saw her stride out the double doors, followed by some other attendees. I recognized her immediately. Her blonde hair was done up in a complicated bun. A tasteful but business casual outfit clung to her shapely figure. Red top beneath a black pantsuit.

She glanced towards the bar where I sat—maybe sensing my presence through our connection—and I looked away. I wasn’t ready to let her know I was there yet. When I glanced back she had turned away and was heading towards the elevators at the far end of the lobby.

I tossed a twenty on the bar and stood quickly, looking around for someone I could hide in. A grey-haired businessman sat alone at a middle table. I moved towards him as if I was going right past him. When his back was turned and the bartender glanced away I hopped.

My body disappeared, turning into energy which streamed into the old man’s body. In less than a blink I was looking out at the world through his eyes. I felt frailer. Slower. Not elderly but getting there.

I rose and hurried towards the elevator on stiff legs, reaching it just as the doors opened. I entered behind Abby, shooting her a quick smile. She smiled back politely and I shuffled into the elevator with a group of people. Her essence pounded in my head, almost a physical force begging me to reach out and touch her. As the elevator ascended, she glanced back at me. I smiled and nodded. She smiled back slowly, confused at the sudden attraction for the older gentleman. I could tell she sensed me in here. This close our psychic link was undeniable.

When she got off the elevator I followed her down a short section of hall. The plush carpet muffled our footsteps. When the elevator door closed I glanced around. No one here. I hopped again, going from the older man into Abby.

My vision jumped about two feet forward. More importantly, I felt invigorated. Yes, this body had just sat through a day of presentations, but I was buzzing with energy. The old man behind me paused, shook his head, and returned to the elevator and back to whatever he was doing. I moved down the hallway with Abby’s grace. My hips swished gently, my breasts bouncing lightly at each step. I felt whole. Complete. Like this body was home for me.

Using Abby’s memories, I went right to her hotel room and unlocked it. Ben wasn’t back yet, so I had the room all to myself. It had been so long since I’d been inside Abby and she felt as limber and strong as I remembered. I wanted to try her out.

I slipped out of my business top and hung it up in the closet. Then came the pantsuit, each inch revealing more of Abby’s incredible legs. My calves were so smooth and solid. Next came the red top, and when I brushed my blonde hair out my eyes and looked down at myself I was met with the sight of Abby’s incredible cleavage packed tightly into a red bra.

I took a moment to admire my body, using Abby’s hands to run them across her skin, over her breasts and down her hips, feeling her with her own hands. She’d kept herself in shape. Her college six pack was gone and her belly had taken on the slight softness of middle age, but she was wonderfully natural and still slim.

I removed my bra, using Abby’s memories to easily reach behind and unstrap it before letting it slide down each arm. My tits bounced free, bringing with it the sweet relief of being braless after a day cooped up. I had to check myself out.

Moving into the bathroom, I switched on the light and gazed into the mirror. Abby’s finely-crafted face gazed back. My gaze grazed over my face, the exquisitely arched brows, the petite nose, the sculpted cheekbones. My gaze dropped lower, past my swan-like neck to the pendulous breasts hanging from my chest. The areolae were gentle quarter-sized pink dots capping each. The skin was smooth and still striated with the marks from the bra. I reached up to stroke my breasts, letting my hands linger on my soft flesh.

God, the sight of Abby in the mirror playing with her tits made my body buzz. But I wanted to build up to this first crescendo. I released my tits and let my hands slide down my body, half-turning to admire my shapely ass and the smooth contours of my legs. A wonderful desire was growing between my legs, creeping up through the rest of me.

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