It was easy

The affair between Dani and her student, Henry, began shortly after Swap Class found them swapped into each other’s bodies due to an uneven number of students in class. Henry was clearly uncomfortable in his older, redheaded teacher’s busty body, so Dani asked him to stay after class.
When all the other students had left, Dani closed the door and leaned on her desk, crossing her arms over her new more solid chest as Henry shifted back and forth in front of her.
“Strange being an older woman, huh?” She asked him.
“Yeah. It’s weird. I mean, not bad, really, you’ve got a nice body.”
Dani tried to hide her grin as her former face blushed red at the admission. Henry avoided her gaze by looking down, but that just happened to make him stare straight down his blouse at Dani’s tits.
“It’s okay, Henry, you’re not the first student to think that. You know, your body isn’t so bad either.”
“I’m, like, finding myself questioning everything and thinking about every little motion. It’s even hard to walk!” He chuckled.
It wasn’t Dani’s first time swapping bodies with a student. She’d been in many, both men and women. Each time those budding teenage hormones filled her and she loved to just let them carry her away. She was already growing excited at the sight of her old body..
It was easy to convince Henry to slip off her top and explore her bare breasts. And when her cock grew hard in her pants it was also easy to throw him over the desk and slide deep into her own wet pussy from behind. Henry moaned in her voice as she fucked herself, one hand gripping her soft ass as the other yanked her former silky hair. God, it was always a delight sinking into her own pussy, experiencing it from a young stud’s dick. She sank balls deep and came with an immense grown, pumping into her former body from behind.
It was easy to convince Henry to stay like this after Swap Class, and to keep meeting up for after-school trysts.

A school bully discovers an app that lets him possess anyone he wants and uses his new powers to have his way with his teacher and his crush in Taken Over, available only on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.


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