As soon as Quinn’s dad came through the door, the bully used his magic to control him.
“Sit on the couch and watch your wife stroke me off,” Chris commanded.
Quinn’s dad was powerless to resist, and sat down across from Chris to watch his wife’s nimble fingers slide up and down the bully’s cock. Quinn’s dad didn’t know that the bully had swapped Quinn into his mom’s body before forcing Quinn to stroke him off with his mom’s hands. Quinn twisted his mom’s legs, his mouth dropping open, unable to do anything with the delicious tension twisting through him. His dress was soaking wet and his pussy was so ready to be fucked, because the bully had given him an order that every time he stroked, he was to get hornier.
Quinn had been stroking for some time before his dad came home, and was now too horny to speak. He desperately wanted the bully to fuck him, to relieve the incredible pressure inside his mom’s body. He didn’t care about anything else. Chris enjoyed seeing the little nerd stuck in his hot mom’s body, and he really enjoyed the feel of her fingers on his dick. When Chris finally allowed Quinn to suck his cock, Quinn did so with a grateful moan, quivering and cumming hard as he sank his mom’s lips down the bully’s shaft, so horny that the mere taste of cock made him cum hard.
Chris forced Quinn to suck him off until he was almost ready to cum, then he ordered Quinn to climb on top. Quinn gratefully sank down onto his bully’s cock, moaning as it filled him. He rode Chris like an animal, begging to be filled while his dad watched from the chair across the room until Chris finally gave him his wish and came hard, pumping hot cum into Quinn’s oversexed body.
Afterwards, Chris dressed and looked at his captive audience.
“Well, as a guest in your house I shouldn’t have all the fun. You two fuck for a few hours.”
Quinn found his body approaching his dad, throw a leg over his dad’s lap and kiss him before unbuckling his belt and sliding onto his dad’s thick cock. Quinn couldn’t stop himself, and the horror was driven away by the pleasure of grinding on his dad’s dick for the rest of the evening.

A school bully discovers an app that lets him possess anyone he wants and uses his new powers to have his way with his teacher and his crush in Taken Over, available only on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords. Preview here.


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