I caught my husband cheating on me while in my body.
We’d been having some marital issues. He was acting weird. A little more distant. Going out at all hours supposedly for work. But I got hold of his phone one night while he was sleeping and found a lot of flirty texts with some woman named Charlie.
I told my husband we either go to therapy or get a divorce. He suggested swap therapy, where we swap bodies to experience being each other for a little while. At the time I thought it was a great idea but now I wonder if he had other motives.
We swapped bodies and it was fine for a little while. Weird but fine. I thought he was empathizing with me. He was certainly comfortable in my body. He kept asking me to show him what made my body feel good and I showed him a few times in some incredible sexy sessions. I thought things were improving.
Then I came home early one day to surprise him. I heard noises in the living room and came around the corner to find him riding some guy in my body! He heard me and turned, knowing he was caught. I couldn’t believe he would let some strange man’s dick inside my body. It was a complete violation. I screamed at him to get out.
As it turned out, the guy he was fucking was Charlie, the same person he’d been flirting with and who was very much not a woman. Apparently my husband had been planning this for a while. Charlie was straight but my husband figured out a way to hook up with him.
Anyway, you think it would be easy to just get my body back but then he hired a lawyer and suddenly it wasn’t not so clear whose body it was according to the law. So I was stuck in his body while he went out and did god knew what with Charlie while this thing winds through the courts.
Even worse was that neither of us could afford to move out, so I had to watch him enjoying my body every day.

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