Hopper hotel

Request: A recently married couple of who was in going on a vacation decided to stop by a motel where they unknowingly stayed at a place full of bodyhoppers. It didn’t take long until they took interest in the guys wife where they’d take turns hopping into her body after having some “quality time”

Olivia had been dressed and ready to go, but when Ryan ducked out of the room to grab his keys, he came back to find that she’d tossed off her clothes and was enthusiastically fingering herself.
Ryan swore and collapsed onto one of the chairs, his head in one hand. Olivia had been hopped again. She’d been hopped for the last three days, ever since they checked into this hotel. Every time someone jumped out another one jumped in.
“Oh, goddamn, this pussy really is nice,” the hopper made Olivia say as he reached up and cupped his breasts, fingers of his other hand sliding deeper inside his wet pussy.
Olivia and Ryan were on their honeymoon and unknowingly checked into a hotel full of bodyhoppers. Ryan had no idea what was going on at first, why Olivia was constantly throwing off her clothes and fingering herself, or throwing herself at him and any other men around. It was hard watching his fiancee getting gangbanged by a bunch of guys in the hotel restaurant while she moaned like a whore and enjoyed it. But Ryan knew it wasn’t her doing all that. They’d tried to leave several times, but whenever they got close, Olivia would be hopped again.
At least this hopper was only interested in a solo session. Ryan watched as his fiancee orgasmed, clutching her breasts and sliding her fingers deep inside herself. After the third moaning orgasm, Olivia blinked back to consciousness and looked down to find herself naked.
“Come on, let’s get out of here,” Ryan said, helping her up.
“My clothes–“
“Forget it. We just need to go.”
They were in the hotel lobby when Olivia pulled away from him, a stranger’s grin on her face, and sauntered back to the pool where a scrum of guys waited to have their way with her.

Two bodyhopping friends find two women who’ve been victims of previous hoppers and set about rebuilding their lives while having some fun along the way in Saving Grace, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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