Swap party morning

“You startled me!” Stephen gasped, turning and swiping the blonde hair from his face. The motion sent his breasts jiggling.
The man coming out of the bedroom behind him had a cocky grin on his face. Stephen remembered seeing him last night during the swap party, though he’d never swapped into him or anyone around him. He was naked except for his underwear, the bulge of his cock clearly visible.
“Who are you?” The man asked. “I mean, really?”
“Stephen,” he replied, suddenly self-conscious about his nudity as the man’s eyes flitted down his body.
Stephen had awoken this morning in the body of the blonde bombshell he’d ended the night in. It had been a wild swap party. He’d been in all manner of bodies, but in the end it was only the women’s bodies that had fun into the late hours of the night as the men’s bodies gradually became spent. Stephen’s last body of the night had been this blonde, and he’d masturbated himself to sleep.
“Isn’t that funny,” the man grinned, his eyes twinkling. “My name’s Stephanie. I don’t think we met last night.”
“Or if we did,” Stephen said, it wasn’t in these bodies.
“True,” Stephanie grinned. “We’ve got another hour until everyone swaps back. Plenty of time to get to know each other.”
“Mmmm,” Stephen purred, stepping closer and dragging his slender hand against Stephanie’s rising cock. “I’d like that. I only got some solo play last night but I bet this body would like amazing riding that cock.”
“I bet so, too,” Stephanie agreed.

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