It’ll be fine

Evan cocked his head and turned towards the door, his hands paused on his mom’s chest as he bit his lower lip and listened. Evan’s best friend, Jason, now stuck in the body of his girlfriend, continued sucking on Evan’s breast, his tongue circling Evan’s delicious pink nipple.
The Great Shift had made a mess of both guys, swapping Evan into his own mom’s body, and Jason into his girlfriend’s body. Evan’s mom had set some ground rules about her body but Evan, still being an eighteen-year-old guy, couldn’t resist breaking them.
His mom had allowed Jason to come over, figuring it would help if Evan could commiserate with his best friend as they were in similar predicaments. But the two friends soon snuck away to explore their new bodies.
“I guess I can tell you now,” Jason said, “I’ve always thought your mom was hot.”
“Well, I’ve always thought your girlfriend was hot.”
“Then I guess this works out,” Jason said, before kissing Evan.
In no time, Evan was topless, his mom’s body stretched out beneath him. Jason was feasting on Evan’s bare tits, his soft hands so wonderful on Evan’s mom’s smooth skin.
Evan was paranoid about getting caught, jerking his head at every slight sound even as his body warmed beneath Jason’s touch.
“It’ll be fine,” Jason said, his new body horny and wet.
Jason stroked Evan’s tits and continued licking as he dropped one hand between Evan’s legs to stroke Evan’s mom’s pussy. Evan closed his eyes and sighed as heat twisted through him and his body built until he enjoyed his first orgasm as his mom.

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