Parent trap 1

Request: Could you do a caption about a guy meeting his girlfriend parents for the first time and the girlfriend mom steals his body and he is unable to tell anyone who he really is

When Robert first met his girlfriend’s parents at their house for dinner, he had to force himself not to stare at his girlfriend’s mom, Lilly. She was elegantly made up and wearing an incredibly revealing outfit that showed off her bra and the swell of her cleavage. He had no idea that, by the end of the night, he’d be stuck in her body.
“Nice to meet you, Robert,” she said, her hand lingering in his just a beat too long.
“Robert,” his girlfriend’s dad, Henry, said, pulling him for a hearty handshake. “Nice to finally meet you. We’ve heard so much about you.”
“All good I hope,” Robert joked, not missing the way Lilly shot him a seductive side-eye as she sipped her wine.
It was an awkward night, made more awkward by the way Lilly subtly flirted with him. He was sure she was flirting. There were too many accidental touches and sly comments and laughter over his lamest attempts at humor to be anything but. Robert became deeply uncomfortable but no one else seemed to notice.
Finally, when Robert’s girlfriend and her dad disappeared into the kitchen with the dirty plates, Lilly leaned over and said in a husky voice whispered, “I want your body.”
Robert didn’t even have time to respond before there was a jolt and the world flipped. He was suddenly on the opposite side of the table looking at himself. He gasped, his eyes dropping down to his new chest as auburn hair flitted around his face.
His former body laughed. “Oh my god, you’re so strong. This is going to be fun.”
Whatever magic she’d used to swap their bodies prevented him from panicking or from telling anyone. He wanted to pull her aside, ask her why she did it and when she would switch back. But something – the magic? – prevented him. Instead, he endured the dessert in the body of his girlfriend’s mom, watching jealously and sipping wine as Lilly flirted with his girlfriend.

Two bodyhopping friends find two women who’ve been victims of previous hoppers and set about rebuilding their lives while having some fun along the way in Saving Grace, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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