Remember it

Jenny was walking through the park on her day off work when she saw someone out of the corner of her eye. When she looked up there was no one there.
She looked back down at herself, at the blue floral dress that clung to her. Jenny reached up and grabbed her tits to squeeze them.
“Whoa. Nice,” she murmured to herself.
She did have nice tits, she thought. She should be proud.
She reached beneath her dress, her fingers slipping into her panties to stroke her entrance. God, that felt so good. Especially out here where anyone could see. Jenny had never thought she’d had exhibitionist tendencies, but her sudden desire to feel herself up in the park told her otherwise.
In moments her touch had made her slick. Her knees were weak. She flipped off her dress and leaned against a nearby tree.
“Good, no bra,” she smiled.
Her tits swung from her chest. God, why did they look so good today? She couldn’t keep her eyes off them.
She grabbed one tit, squeezing it, crushing it up against her chest as her fingers enfolded the soft weight. The other hand slid back between her legs and into her slick folds. She spread her legs and fingered herself, her moans growing to cries until she came hard, body shivering around her fingers as the orgasm shook her. Jenny didn’t care who could see her. She was totally focused on her own pleasure.
When she was finished she lay against the tree breathing hard.
“That was nice,” she said to herself. “I’m going to have to remember this one.”
She must have been talking about her orgasm. And she would remember it. Maybe even recreate it in another park.

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  1. I loved this! The ones where the victims think it was their own actions are my favorite. Having it from her perspective, was fantastic. Writing it in the Present tense was brilliant! And the first person is an amazing insight. I especially liked the part where she found out she didn’t have a bra on, even though having dressed herself she would have known that mere moments before. And admiring her tits. Please make more like this. It’s the version I’ve been looking for but couldn’t figure out how: present tense and first person. Absolutely, need to see more like this! Please and thank you.

    1. If you liked that, you’ll also like my books Take Her for a Spin, Suddenly Cindy (1 and 2), and Change of Plans.

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