Body pawn shop

Request: A woman pawns her body to sleazy coworker after some large and unexpected bills. She’s forced to watch as he slowly ruins her body and reputation as she saves up the money to buy it back before the hold time runs out.

Rachel was bad with money, constantly in debt. When the bills finally got to be too much for her she was faced with pawning the one thing she had left: her body.
One of her coworkers offered to swap with her. She would be in his ugly, older body until she could afford to buy her body back. Rachel had no other choice and reluctantly agreed.
It was fine at first, if a little weird being in an older man’s body. He was a lot less fit than she was and she found herself out of breath going up just a single flight of stairs. But he seemed normal enough in her body. Thought it was odd, too, seeing her former body every day at the office, knowing someone else was behind her eyes, moving her around, his mannerisms on her body.
Then the rumors started. Little things at first. He’d taken her body out to a club. Gotten a little drunk. Maybe had sex with another coworker.
Rachel admonished him. Implored him to use birth control if he ever did something like that again. She had a reputation to keep. He seemed to listen. He certainly nodded at all the right places.
But then she found the videos. A friend sent them to her and she clicked on it to find her own body, made up beautifully, but cramming her lips with dick, sucking off two guys at the same time, letting them have their way with her body. Worst of all, watching her former self blow two guys made her new cock jump to attention.
Rachel needed to budget. Needed to save up the money to buy her body back before he could do much more. But every day that passed she heard more rumors. He was becoming wilder. The office slut. The pictures and videos grew more frequent as he took more and more liberties in her body, thoroughly enjoying her. All Rachel could do was watch and desperately try to save enough money to buy her body back before he totally ruined her life.

Bady Love, Cherry Jul,Charlie

A brilliant scientist invents new technologies that allow him to steal his mom’s body and her youth to enjoy all the pleasures of her life in The Replacement, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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