How bad?

“Fuck off, asshole. I can do whatever I want in this body.”
Ben stripped off his top then flipped off Peter and stuck out his tongue.
“Nothing you can do,” Ben continued. Maybe if your nice I’ll let you fuck me.”
“Yuck, that’s my sister,” Peter said.
“Your loss,” Ben said.
Ben had bullied Peter for a long time. Now, he’d somehow possessed Peter’s sister, Ashley. She’d been a straight A student and an athlete before Ben landed in her body. He’d been her for two weeks and had already tanked her tests and been caught in the bathrooms with a dude’s hand down her pants. Peter dreaded to think what else he’d done that no one knew about.
Their parents had no idea why Ashley had suddenly undergone such a drastic personality change. They didn’t believe she’d been possessed and were still searching for more rationale explanations. Meanwhile, Ben was enjoying tormenting Peter every day at home.
“You know, your sister’s pussy is pretty tight,” Ben said. “At least, that’s what everyone tells me. Shit, hope I didn’t get her pregnant!” Ben laughed again.
“Just get out of her. Please!” Peter begged.
“You want me out, huh? How bad?”
“What do you mean?”
“Tell you what. If you fuck me on video I’ll leave.”
Peter knew that that video would be everywhere in the school within days. He would be ruined. On the other hand, it was the only way to save his sister.

A brilliant scientist invents new technologies that allow him to steal his mom’s body and her youth to enjoy all the pleasures of her life in The Replacement, only available on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.

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  1. part 2 please !! Make the bully honor his promise by after them having sex, giving her the body back, but switching the siblings around and possessing their mom. Could make it three parts

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