Saving Grace

Two bodyhopping friends find two women who’ve been victims of previous hoppers and set about rebuilding their lives while having some fun along the way in Saving Grace, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon.

Devin and Caden are best friends, roommates, and bodyhoppers who’ve been inside the bodies of Autumn and Rebecca since college. They’ve molded the young women’s lives to their will, enjoying their sexy bodies while changing their lives to suit Devin and Caden’s wants. They’re just two normal roommates who happen to love video games and making love to each other.

But on a trip back to their alma mater, Devin and Caden come upon two different young women in an alleyway who, until recently, were possessed by other bodyhoppers. Those other hoppers had their fun and then threw away their bodies, leaving the women broke, homeless, and drug addicted. Caden takes pity on them and convinces Devin to leave Autumn and Rebecca, and join him in bodyhopping these new women and rebuilding their lives.

It’s easier said than done. The previous hoppers built up a reputation in town. Devin and Caden discover their new bodies have been banned from restaurants, passed around every frat house in town, and mangled with awful tattoos.

With the help of Autumn and Rebecca, the two guys try to set things right with their new bodies, even as they can’t help falling in love with their old.

“Here it is so far,” Devin said, holding up the back end of his costume to his web cam.

The piece in his hand consisted of a large fake turtle shell painted a lurid green. White spikes poked out of it. Black Velcro strips hung from the inside.

“These straps will actually attach to the dress,” Devin said, holding a strip up to the camera to demonstrate.

On the monitor, Rebecca’s face reflected back at him. She was a cute blend of Taiwanese and American, with an adorable face and smiling eyes. He’d made her makeup simple today, going for a natural look. Her black hair was tied back in a messy bun. A loose tee shirt sporting a Nintendo logo draped over her petite frame.

“It’s going to take some time,” Devin continued narrating, “But this is going to be the best sexy Bowser you’ve ever seen.”

Devin’s current look and hobby was not one the original Rebecca would have ever chosen for herself. He’d possessed her body about ten years ago when he’d first mastered his bodyhopping abilities and had never looked back. She’d always been into engineering, and Devin had used that knowledge to help him with his cosplay hobby. Her mind was always up for a challenge, so Devin’s ever more elaborate costumes were an interesting challenge for her.

Devin was now more comfortable in her skin than he’d ever been in his own. Rebecca’s fingers were so much more nimble than his former stubby masculine ones, which served him well in constructing the cosplay outfits. With his costumes and Rebecca’s face, Devin had collected a few tens of thousands of followers online and was gradually turning his hobby into a career.

Some of his costumes were elaborate engineered affairs with lights and sound. Some were simpler, female representations of popular video game characters. The Bowser one was the latter, deceptively simple but, when it was all complete, he was sure it would be an award winner at the next convention.

Devin’s cosplay hobby was supplemented by sporadic income as a semi-professional video game player of the first person shooter ZombX. He was on a team with four other women and they’d had some success at the state level. Not enough to break through, but still, it looked promising. The only worry was that, to get truly good, Devin would have to dedicate his life to gaming. And that meant giving up cosplay. He kept hoping there was a way to do both.

Devin’s camera was still rolling when his best friend, Caden, waltzed into the bedroom Devin was using as a studio. He was in Autumn’s graceful body, a body he’d possessed shortly after Devin had moved into Rebecca’s body. The two women had been friends, and Caden and Devin continued that friendship. Only the new friendship was more intimate than the original one had ever been.

“Helllooo!” Caden sang out as he came up to the back of Devin’s office chair and draped his hands over Devin from behind, Autumn’s lopsided grin reflected in the video.

Caden’s long black hair tickled Devin’s cheek as he clasped his hands gently above Devin’s slender breasts. Devin set down his turtle shell and stroked Caden’s hand. Caden kissed Devin’s cheek then smiled into the camera.

“My girlfriend,” Devin laughed. “Interrupting again.”

“You know I can’t stay away from you, cutie,” Caden said, burying Autumn’s face in the hair against Devin’s neck. His hot breath whispered against Devin’s skin, sending tendrils of desire snaking through him.

Devin spun around to face him, his eyes grazing over Autumn’s slender frame. They’d been together since the beginning and Devin still never got tired of gazing at Autumn. His eyes flitted over her kind brown eyes, her delicate cheeks, her little button nose.

“How was the last day?” Devin asked. “Get everything done?”

“Is this on the record?” Caden said, a smile on his lips.

Devin half-turned and hit ‘stop’ on the camera, then turned back. “I’ll edit that part out.”

Caden clasped Devin’s hands, stroking the back with his thumb as he talked. “I got most of it done. Didn’t have time to check Ed’s code, though. It can wait until I get back.”

Caden had turned the former sports-obsessed Autumn into a girl-boss programmer at a major software company. He’d quickly risen in the ranks, impressing his bosses and coworkers. Being a woman had helped him get his foot in the door, though he’d had to fight hard to prove to some of the more boorish men that he wasn’t just a diversity hire. It helped that he was a manager now. His team respected him because of his dedication.

“But you’re not going to stress about anything during vacation, are you?” Devin asked.

They were returning to Berkeley, home of their alma mater, for a much-deserved break. It was where they’d first taken over Rebecca and Autumn. Where their new lives diverged from their old male ones. They hadn’t been back since graduation and were excited to see what had changed and relive old memories.

“Probably will think about work stuff, yeah,” Caden grinned, Autumn’s face lighting up in that lopsided smile that always did amazing things to Devin. “I can’t turn it off.”

Devin brought one of Caden’s hands to his mouth, grazing it with his lips. Caden’s fingers were so soft and warm.

“Maybe I can help with that,” Devin’s lip quirked up.

“Oh, really?” Caden said teasingly. “And how would you do that?”

Caden straddled Devin and entwined their fingers together. Devin looked up at him and raised his chin. Caden dipped his head, bringing their lips together. Caden’s lips were soft and sweet, and Devin opened his mouth to welcome him inside. They kissed slowly, exploring each other, Devin’s nose pressed against Autumn’s soft cheek. He inhaled the slight hibiscus scent of her perfume, closing his eyes to savor their bodies pressed so close together. The original Rebecca and Autumn had simply been best friends. Devin and Caden had made them so much more.

Caden leaned into Devin and the office chair tipped back alarmingly. They laughed and righted themselves before standing. They wrapped their arms around each other and resumed their kiss. Now Devin’s hands roamed around Autumn, exploring and groping the taut curves with which he’d become so familiar after all these years. They still excited him. Every time his desire rose it was like looking at her with fresh eyes.

Devin felt Caden’s hands on his back, gliding down to the curve of his ass and back up. Now one of his hands twined through Devin’s hair while Caden’s kisses grew deeper. The hard desire grew inside Devin as well and he crushed their bodies together, limbs on limbs, chest to chest. Their touch quickened, fingers squeezing harder as the lust urged them on. A tension wound through Devin, tightening Rebecca’s body with heady anticipation.

Caden reached down between Devin’s thighs to stroke once up against Rebecca’s pussy. Devin moaned into his lover’s mouth, flames licking him from within.

As they made their way to the other bedroom, they helped each other out of their clothes, leaving a trail of pants and bras and panties until they finally fell into bed together, Devin on the bottom. Rebecca had always been the one up for anything, willing to follow joyfully as long as someone else led. That aspect of her personality had melded with Devin, which was why he found himself moaning as Caden kissed a trail down Devin’s cheek, across his neck, pausing to tease each sensitive nipple. His tongue flicked out, tasting Devin, sucking a fat nipple in between his lips and grazing it with his teeth.

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  1. Well this is an interesting premise. So used to seeing hoppers ruining lives that seeing a couple pick their mounts specifically to fix them seems bizarre.

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