Nervous breakdown

I wasn’t sure what happened, but between one blink and the next the world shifted. I’d been standing in front of the class, about to dismiss them for the day. Then all of a sudden the clock on the wall jumped five minutes and I was sitting on my desk, legs spread, top yanked down. My hair was a mess, falling down in front of my eyes, so I tried to comb it out of my face with my fingers.
What the hell happened?
I quickly hopped off the desk and wiggled my skirt back down then adjusted my top to cover my modesty before anyone came in. Fortunately, it was the end of the day so I expected the classroom to myself. Still, losing time like that and returning to find myself in such a compromising position was deeply worrying. I was collecting my purse and preparing to leave when it happened again.
This time when I came back to myself I was completely naked, lying on the desk with two fingers shoved deep inside my pussy and my other hand squeezing my tits so hard they ached. My entire body was flush with a weird heat, like I’d just had an orgasm. I gasped and sat up. The desk was slick with my juices. Glancing at the clock I saw I’d been out of thirty minutes.
Was I going crazy? Was it stress? A nervous breakdown?
I got dressed as quickly as I could, my hands trembling, hoping that the time loss wouldn’t happen again. Whatever happened when I lost conscious, my body seemed to be moving all on its own and I dreaded to think where I would find myself next.

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  1. I’m with Steven on this…. We need a part 2 from the point of view of her possessor!

  2. I’m with Steven on this…. We need a part 2 from the point of view of her possessor!

  3. Would love a second part where we find out just who is possessing her. Great caption. And whoever it is, you can’t blame them. I’d take her for a ride too.

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