You want it?

“Are you getting a hard-on for your own body?” You point at your former erection.
Your sister rubs her head in embarrassment. “I can’t control this thing,” she admitted.
Your sister was the one trying to embarrass you by swapping your bodies. She was going to go out with your friends and mess up your life but you told her that two could play at that game. That led to a game of chicken where you both kept stripping off your clothes, each trying to outdo the other one until you were both naked.
Now you tap your former dick with one slender finger and giggle as it bounces.
“Stop it,” your sister yelps.
“Why? It’s my dick I can do what I want!” You retort.
You grab for her cock but she dodges. You laugh as you try to reach around her, pressing your body up against hers. You dance around the living room like this, you trying to grab her dick while she swats you away.
“Stop!” She cries again.
“What’s the matter? Don’t like it?”
“Fine. You fucking want it? You can fucking have it.”
She turns around and grabs you. You can’t free yourself. Your old body is so much stronger than your new one. She tosses you onto the couch and you barely manage to make it to your knees when she grabs you from behind. Something hard slides between your legs.
You didn’t even realize how wet you were until your former cock parts your new pussy and glides in with your sister’s quick roll of her hips. You gasp as her cock slides into your slick hot canal, and you stop resisting as she fills you. Fuck, it feels so good having a dick inside you. You give in to temptation and push your ass back against her, welcoming your sister deep inside.

A woman confined to a hospital bed gains the power to possess people and uses it to live out her sexy fantasies inside the nurses around her in Hospital Shift, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Fiction. Preview here.

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